Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj. Select any five inventions or discoveries that made a remarkable difference in our life e. Ahlcon has always been a stride holder in ensuring that the students are introduced to a whole new horizon of activities. Do a comparative study and find out about the key elements of a democratic Government. One part of the wall hanging should have complete information of one disease. Ahlcon International School Mayur Vihar.. Welcome to Sadhu Vaswani International School.

Hindi hhw class vii class vi to establish ahlcon international school, Phir Zindagi Movie Mp4 Download. You can select any other topic of your choice also. Laughter is the best medicine. To nurture a garden is to not just to feed on the body but the soul.

ahlcon international school blog holiday homework

Think how the climate of the place where you live affect your life style and habits. Read extensively about Jainism and Buddhism.

Ahlcon International School

Climate of a place affects the life style of people. Zahlen in digits from 1 to 30 in Hindi, English and German on a full Chart. Gomework it as pictorial and colorful as possible. Make an attractive calendar using above information and illustration giving proper heading on each page. Principal Sir and the Section Incharge appreciated the efforts of the team and concluded the program suggesting the teachers to adapt and induce the cited processes in their teaching learning practices, thus developing a modernistic approach and widening the horizons to embrace hloiday and innovative methodologies of learning.


This site was designed with the. The presentation was attended by Principal Mr.

Ahlcon International School

Dear Parents, The summer vacation has begun and the. It was truly an enlightening learning experience cherished by all. Welcome to Sadhu Ahlckn International School.

Dimple Puri and all the teachers of the Middle Section in the school conference room. Prepare a chart on any topic of your syllabus Take only half of the chart paper of any colour.

Ahlcon International School – Tutorials. English schools in Marbella. Read any one book of any one of the following authors and answer scuool questions in your. School Blog; Vision Mission.

Summer Vacation Homework

This is the title of your first post. Make a chart showing Urban and Rural livelihood in a tabular form. Holiday Homework for Years. Quality Interventions in the Teaching Learning Space. Teachers exhibited a great amount of zeal and enthusiasm during this session. It is much important in making the subject unforgettable and creates long life understanding. Properties of whole numbers 2.


Make a wall hanging showing at least four deficiency diseases caused due to lack of nutrients. Bmr assignment 5 answers.

ahlcon international school blog holiday homework

Delhi International School, a fully English-medium school. Prepare a bblog based on their food choice, their life styles and the work they do. Topic of the Presentation: Follow the below mentioned instructions: Discuss about ahlcon international school holiday homework here.

Collect information about their place of birth, family background, hardships faced, education and achievements.

ahlcon international school blog holiday homework

Give me information about the Ahlcon public school KG admission. We know very little about early civilizations but what we know is fascinating.