I want to lead others to know Jesus as their Savior. He, in turn, receives all praise and glory, and hope is given to others. Must have at least a 2. Slowly, as I drew closer to God, I began to realize more and more that what Christ had in store for me would flip everything I knew on its head. Official written communication from the institution Registrar, Controller of Examinations Office, or Undergraduate College Official degree statements or transcripts may be accepted given English is stated as the medium of instruction Official catalog verification For universities from non-Anglophone countries, further language assessment may be required. Immersed in the tranquil beauty of the grounds.

It was during time spent at my college Bible study that I began to grow immeasurably in my faith. This is the application essay I wrote: To verify that English is the sole medium of instruction, one of the following forms of documentation is required for institutions outside of the United States:. Check out Saturday Tour for a campus tour, admissions presentation and lunch with current students. Admissions Events There’s nothing quite like being here. Via the portal you can:.

Get to know Biola and find out about events, deadlines and happenings around campus on Instagram. The following are the scores needed to qualify for AEP: Also, if you will be a fully online student, please be aware that AEP may not be an option. Although I endured many physical trials in my life, they have brought me to the place where I am today. Via the portal you can: For years it was just skin deep.


Or they might have just thought I was a hypocritical fool. Verify English proficiency for non-native English speakers or international students The School of Education requires all students whose first language is not English to provide proof of English proficiency.

One only needs boila on the television or flip open a magazine to see an advertisement that aims to convince you that their product biolaa satisfy your every need. I began to question everything.

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Students must be admitted to the graduate program first to be considered for AEP. With the same clarity as getting glasses for the first time, admision view of the world was suddenly tack sharp. Regional accreditation or its educational equivalent is required from U.

I began to rid myself of everything that was slowly turning my focus away from God. Take the Next Step. When you already know.

biola admission essay prompt

Check the program-specific admissions requirements page for requirement details. Usually on sticky notes.

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To verify that English is the sole medium of instruction, one of the following forms of documentation is required for institutions outside of the United States:. I want them to know the love of Christ through my actions. There was a massive disconnect between what I knew intellectually and how I carried out my life.

Just take them one at a time. Every day I interact with people whose hearts are becoming increasingly hardened to the very idea of a God that exists. Engaged with this vibrant community of bright believers.


biola admission essay prompt

It has been a struggle trying to give my life up to God and to let him lead and guide me. The facilitators of the group decided amission it was best for the students to begin teaching the lessons.

I want to be the beacon of light in the lives of people inundated by a world that rejects God. Website By Ping Designs.

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Biola University Admissions Essay. Although my admssion has been blessed with the opportunity to know the Lord at a young age, I have faced many afflictions.

biola admission essay prompt

Ask your admissions counselor for transfer credit guidelines. No hand-carried or 2nd person transcripts can be accepted. My career choice, my entertainment, my music, my relationships—nothing was left unquestioned. It all starts with you making a move — a courageous, life-altering decision to become a part of the next class of extraordinary, intentional, brilliant Biola students. Propmt, remember, enroll by May 1.