Wall on the American-Mexican Border words – 3 pages. Posted by Unknown at 8: Technocrats words – 5 pages private sector was also crucial, since this approach wanted suspicious activity stopped long before it got to the border Alden, Journal of Aplied Research on Children: Silko poses an unbalanced argument which is more emotional than logical. The traditional border patrol agencies saw their turf being attacked EAP,

This topic is a problem, but it may not be all that it is said to be. This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. The Border Patrol manpower can be looked at from many ways, such as the extent of the workforce and decrease in corruption. I think that anyone who reads this, regardless if they already have an opinion of the subject, will feel disdain toward the border patrol and their denial of rights to US citizens. I had a small amount of medicinal marijuana in my purse that night, but she refused to expose me. Two other Border Patrolmen stood by the white van. However, 27 years after IRCA was passed, there were approximately 11, Border Patrol agents just about 2 percent of the force in

Summary of “The Border Patrol State” by Leslie Marmom Silko

Was he alone or not? Border Problem words – 3 pages cartels, and there is an increase on human trafficking. Informing Policy for Children at Risk. A mass migration is already under way; its roots are not simply economic.

border patrol state silko essay

The audience is more likely to be persuaded when you play against their emotions, For example Silko writes sttate the dog that the border patrol use and she describes it as mistreated which the audience is lead to believe the animal is being harmed. She tells a story of her and her companion Gus being treated as illegal immigrants although they present Arizona identification. Essau I sat up, I saw the headlights and emergency flashers of six vehicles– Border Patrol cars and a van were esasy both lanes of the highway.


She actually reaches out to the reader and tells him or her personally how they could identify themselves being detained. IT IS NO use; borders haven’t worked, and they won’t work, not now, as the indigenous people of the Americas reassert their kinship and solidarity with one another. Silko’s arguments in this article are one-sided. I had a pqtrol amount of medicinal marijuana in my purse that night, but she refused to expose me.

Silko believes that the border patrol and expanding border checkpoints are an everyday occurrence and that there is nothing to do to stop it from happening.

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Journal of Aplied Research on Children: Now that the “Iron Curtain” is gone, it is boeder that the U. Manifest Destiny may lack its old grandeur of theft and blood–“lock the door” is what it means now, with racism a trump card to be played again and again, shamelessly, by both major political parties. Local and State law enforcement agencies are increasingly silio asked to perform tasks traditionally relegated to federal law enforcement agencies.

They would tell me these stories and show me movies to educate me. As she puts it: The primary agency is the Boarder Patrol itself.

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Silko also talks about how the Border Patrol pretty much do whatever they want, once statw have you and your car detained. He was so rattled by the event that he had to be driven home by his daughter. While we were stopped, we watched as other vehicles–whose occupants were white–were waved through the checkpoint.

border patrol state silko essay

Silko and her companion Gus were traveling south from Albuqurgue when they were stopped by the border patrol. For example she tells us about a story that her friend told her about his own father, which is unable to be researched sulko proven. This is done when she gives examples that help pathos but have no credibility so her logos is then damaged at the same time her own credibility may be questioned which then harms her ethos.


Even in the days of Spanish and Mexican rule, no attempts were made to interfere with the flow of patfol and goods from south to north and north to south. She gives us more facts as we reach the middle broder the reading.

She includes stories and incidents that one would think to be sad. The night was very dark, and no other traffic had come down the road since we had been stopped.

I can’t forget the expression in the dog’s eyes; it was as if she were embarrassed to be associated with them. Alleged increases in illegal immigration by people of Asian ancestry mean that the Border Patrol now routinely detains anyone who appears to be Asian or part Asian, as well.

Silko did a great job in appealing to the emotions of the reader. Her only flaws were when she included the stories which do not have and credibility of basis for the audience to look into.

The Border Patrol State Essay

To get a unique essay Hire Writer. Once your car is diverted from the interstate highway into the checkpoint area, you are under the control of the Border Patrol, which in practical terms exercises a power that no highway patrol or city patrolman possesses: Throughout this piece the author shows us what is wrong with system of keeping illegals out of our country.

The Border Patrol and the U.