After all, she is still young enough that her mother, her older sister Rose , and Father Flood arrange for her to go to America without consulting her until after the decision has been made. Her pleasantness, her industriousness, her intelligence are all undermined and overshadowed by her unwillingness to confront and shape her own future. Again, Toibin returns to earlier imagery. She is too often what Rose, her mother, Mrs. Search the forums now! She would have to get on with her work it if was during the day and go back to sleep if it as during the night. Eilis immigration to Brooklyn instills many obstacles that she must eventually overcome; this eventual succeed over her difficulties maybe you could try something like ‘triumph’ instead?

The inevitable meeting occurs on a Friday evening. Is your view of the character diminished as a result? The theme s and subject of a text are not synonymous. But as we also know, Jack soon cherishes his independence. Her past continues to haunt her in the figure of Miss Kelly who reminds her of her inability to stay. Her next departure from Ireland is a death too. Though she is passive, she sees herself as a shadowy actor.

Ironically in leaving Enniscorthy, Eilis will now have to make choices between two desirable options, which means that once again the decision to return to Brooklyn will lead brooklynn loss but for different reasons. About Us The aim of the English Works website is to provide all secondary school students with access to quality resources for English. Construction of a sophisticated interpretation which demonstrates an understanding of ways in which the text is open to different interpretations by different readers.

The characters and settings exist only in the dolm created by the author.


brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

Initially, the workplace setting at Bartoccis is also formidable, especially the sale that takes place three weeks after she begins her new job. Jim spoke like someone who could easily be hurt.

What does the title tell us about esssay significance of place in this text? In fact, she actually thanks Miss Kelly.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

Not all societies share the same set of values. The letters are all that remain between mother and daughter as an ambiguous marker of both loss and connection; one forever unaware of just how much the other knows, or deliberately forgets.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

I think you’re writing style is quite good – it’s not overly simplistic, and if you feel it is, just try learning a few descriptive words, synonyms, ect. And, she thought, this was something that she might never see again on a Sunday like this, but for the others it was nothing, just a decision.

On the other hand, she reckoned, it could be true. By the end of the novel, we see Eilis for what she is. Toibin thrusts Eilis into a world of emotional anxiety and turmoil, exacerbated by her disconnection with her family. But she stopped herself. In order to spare Eilis the sorrow and guilt associated with her return, the mother seeks to downplay the enormity of their separation. It also publishes a range of articles on popular school texts.


Some characters in the novel are referred to as Miss or Mrs. Search the forums now! Values are not necessary fixed: It is not only that Eilis avoids confrontation, but she tends to shield herself from the truth and, if she glimpses it despite her best efforts, to hide it away somewhere away from her conscious mind.


Eilis manages, as she does with every other uncomfortable truth, to ignore her uneasiness. Accordingly, Eilis tries to supply the missing links. It is also a sign of her divided loyalties. No matter what she dreamed about, no matter how bad she felt, she had no choice, she knew, but to put it all swiftly out of her mind. She now has a great deal more to lose.

But I think this is part of the point. She and Tony are secretly married just before she goes back to Ireland. Toibin suggests that the migrant experience will always be characterised by a sense of underlying loss as well as opportunity. And, as the train rolled past Macmine Bridge on its way towards Wexford, Eilis imagined the years ahead, when these words would come to mean less and less to the man who heard them and would come to mean more and more to herself.

Jim, for example, becomes imbued with a sense of nostalgia that Tony will never have, because of the sense of loss and disappointment attached to their relationship.

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Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Father Flood is invited to the house for tea, and Eilis soon realises, colk invitation has a more significant purpose. It was false, empty, she thought. Furthermore, maybe try not to signpost so much in the intro – it sounds ab it awkward just because the sentences in an intro are so short.