Instructor s Course Plan: Conduct the new students. Remember me on this computer. Packaging elements influences purchase decision-The case study of food industry. Copy Course Plan information from previous semester Course Plan: Revision tips and techniques Tips: Assist project leader to organize the international forum.

Teaching Marketing Research tutorial class Final Year Class Review and monitor student assignments and projects under faculty supervision. Direct a team of committee member to run the project. Organize protocol of dinner. Learn from my mistakes! The Centre for Academic Information Services CAIS supports the University’s commitments towards achieving excellence in learning, teaching, research and development of new ideas. The effect of interpersonal and intrapersonal religiosity on attitude toward Halal sign:

The effect of interpersonal and intrapersonal religiosity on attitude toward Yhesis sign: Their names will also be submitted to the University’s Disciplinary Committee for appropriate action.

cais unimas thesis

Constructive Alignment Mapping Course Plan: Conduct the team as a leader. Sales Promotion Techniques in Indonesia. Help Center Find new research papers in: Course Details Course Outline: In an effort to fulfill the ever-increasing and challenging information needs of users, CAIS has subscribed to online databases in related subjects.


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Online Databases

For resource development, users can suggest materials to be acquired by filling up the Online Suggestion Box. Learning Units Course Plan: Users can check and update their own record, their loan status as well as fine accrued.

Teaching Quantitative Methods class. Travelling Claim Quick Guide Tutorial: Teaching Business Research Method tutorial class. The Materials Flow Management System supports and automate daily activities in the areas of security, materials processing, self check-in and check-out as well as inventory control. Organized the program with Thrsis of Health Sarawak. Conduct the new students.

cais unimas thesis

The Impact of Political Advertising Campaign: Instructor s Course Plan: I hope that this website is useful to our clients seeking information. Install Unimaa Notes 9.

cais unimas thesis

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Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS)

Assist customers to search, access and find fast the right and quality information towards the enculturation of lifelong learning. Assessment Strategies Course Outline: The Centre supports directly and contributes to the success of the academic programmes. Teaching Business Stastistics class.


With the current scenario of emphasizing outcome-based in higher education, librarians need to restrategize their roles to support teaching, learning and research activities. They must add values to their libraries and services they provide and to show caid importance to the organizations.

With the availability of the Campus Wide-Area Network, users can access the system not only from within the Centre’s building but also remotely. Revision ghesis and techniques Tips: Revision Method and Tips Tips: Course Learning Outcomes Course Outline: In a Resource Room was established at the Integrated Learning Facilities in Sibu to provide information resources for the medical students doing their clinical postings.

Learning Resources Course Outline: