Your coursework should be marked without your tutor being aware who has submitted it. Grey are Blackboard submissions. The university retains a record of all addresses used that relate to students whether past or current. After successful submission a screen confirming receipt for the submission of the work item will be displayed. If students are incorrect or missing from a SyllabusPlus activity group, please contact Central Examinations, Timetabling and Technical Services tel. After a further 28 days, your personal information will be deleted from myUWE for example, any bookmarks or news feeds you have added to your home page.

If a coursework item has been set up for you to submit online via Blackboard or to submit hard copy with a downloadable coversheet, it will be displayed in the ‘Coursework’ subtab from the date it is released. This may also include instructions for the submission e. If you need to attach any other files to your submission use the Browse My Computer button to find and select them. For details of how to get in contact please see our Faculty Student Administration Teams contact page. For queries about coursework requirements – please contact your course instructor. If the upload is successful, you will see a screen confirming receipt. Receipts for Blackboard assignment submissions will be available on your Blackboard Coursework tab.

This is called a ‘session timeout’ and is common with mywue web systems. SAT can release a coversheet for you to download anytime from two weeks before the scheduled submission deadline. Coursework Collection subtab If you are attached in ISIS to the module run as a Coursework Collector, the Coursework Collection subtab is where you would collect coursework submitted by your students.

Your instructor should advise you where to access your assignment if held in a different location in your course. Blackboard modules are no longer listed in myUWE. Blackboard will open and show your modules within the Blackboard courses tab. As soon as myuqe assignment is available for submission, it will appear to you on the Coursework courseork. The file and cover sheet column in the Completed Submission Attempts table provides links to both the uploaded file and the automatically generated coversheet.


Please be aware that large files may take a while to submit and it may seem like nothing is happening.

Do not use the Write Submission option unless specifically instructed to do so by your instructor. In the Coursework subtab, you will see a list myuuwe your Coursework items. Please see the advice on the IT Services web site at: Please contact the appropriate Faculty Student Administration Team to amend this information.

Coursework Coversheets

After the resit field board when the module is finished and archived, any historic resit assignments will be visible to all students not just those who needed to resit. Please note that if you continue to the Coursework Submission page, your activities will be tracked from this point on and may be displayed to University staff.

Select the My Details tab and scroll to the Other Personal Details section, if you have previously added a mobile number you will see an ‘edit your mobile number’ option.

coursework cover sheet myuwe

On submission, the single file contributed will be re-named with the work item number, then the student number, separated by underscore characters. What is the word count policy? Uploading or creating a file in your My Media area does not constitute a submission and instructors will not be able to access your coursewor.

In each case myuww will be taken wheet the UWE login page: Please note that this is guidance for submitting online through myUWE. We strongly recommend that you check your submission has been uploaded successfully by following the guidance on the Checking your submission was successful page. You can download up to 24 hours following the deadline itself.


You may have been automatically logged out of all the services accessed by myLogin myUWE, Blackboard because you have not used any of them for 30 minutes.

Courses tab: Coursework Collection subtab – UWE Bristol: myUWE Support

For guidance on specific areas of myUWE, please consult the menu on the left. There are some files that cannot be coursewodk through Online Coursework Submission and if you attempt to upload a file with an illegal file extension you will be presented with the following error message:. Please contact the appropriate Faculty Student Administration Team if you are having difficulty updating addresses of this type.

coursework cover sheet myuwe

How is this different to the myUWE Coursework tab? If there is any discrepancy or if you have a different query about your mark or feedback, please contact your course instructor.

coursework cover sheet myuwe

For students which have a disabled enrolment on a module which you made a submission to previously e. Note that this will overwrite previously submitted files and update your submission time. The reminder will include your student number. Please note that the university will only send correspondence to ‘Current’ addresses. For information on penalties see the Guide to assessment rules. Yellow indicates that the submission period is within the 24 hour late window. This is necessary for us to be able to confirm your upload attempt in the event of problems with your upload.

If you are trying to enter an address for UWE student accommodation – you do not need to enter this information in myUWE – we will automatically populate this information for your term address when you pick up your keys.