Contact for the Welfare Office: Add to collection s Add to saved. A small fee is payable; 2. If you wish to change your mode of attendance from full-time to part-time, or vice versa, then you must notify your Faculty Registry Team immediately. If you do not reference your work correctly, it will come across as if you have ‘stolen’ words or ideas from other sources.

Using this information, find the value of K. Student Loans Company, sponsoring bodies, professional bodies, Home Office. For complaints, use another form. The full details of how to request a review or appeal following the publication of your results is available in the Academic Regulations, Appendix 2. Please note that if you disagree with the academic judgement of an Assessment Board about how it has assessed the merits of an individual piece of your work or about how it has reached a decision on your progression or on your final grade, this will not constitute valid reasons for requesting a review. It is your responsibility to find out whether your tutor requires you to use a different referencing style. You may appeal against the rejection of an extension application within 5 working days and against the rejection of a deferral application within 7 working days of the rejection, if you have significant new evidence relating to the initial request which was not considered with the original application or if you have a specific allegation of irregularity regarding the conduct of the approval process.

We are running the following The boundary between legitimate cooperation and unacceptable collusion varies according to the type of work involved.

Student Handbook – Coventry University

In the case when it is not possible to determine a unique solution, state when there is an infinite number of solutions or no solution. Remember me on this computer. Mandatory — these are a compulsory part of your course Option — these are selected from restricted lists defined for your course. Please see section L above which refers to Appendix 2 of the Academic Regulations and the grounds upon which to request a review, if this is appropriate.


Some tutors and subject groups may require you to use an alternative referencing style. Universitt will also be made by the University as outlined below: Falsification includes the presentation of fictitious or deliberately distorted data in, for example, laboratory work, surveys or projects. Students who have not spoken to a member of Finance and who still have outstanding novq fees by the end of their first semester may be excluded and subsequently withdrawn.

You must be aware that the University has Disciplinary Procedures to regulate student behaviour and ensure that student disciplinary matters are dealt with fairly and promptly.

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Examples of misconduct may include the following: Either the average percentage mark of the credits worth of modules with the highest mark at level 3 or above Or the average percentage mark of the credits worth of modules with the highest mark at level 2 and above including a maximum of credits at level 2. Also be aware that the quality of your in-text citations and List of References is taken into account when assignments are marked.

You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. If you do not adhere to these rules you may be accused of cheating and appropriate penalties may be applied.

coventry university nova coursework

If you are a final year student from the BAME community and looking to work in communications, then read on! A SAB has the power to raise or lower marks for all students taking the module if it considers it to be appropriate.

Processing may include but will not be limited to compilation of data regarding your attendance at the University. Thefts, loss of coursework or failure to keep back-up files are not valid reasons. If illness or other circumstances affect your ability to meet a deadline for handing in assessed coursework or your ability to sit an examination, you should consult the detailed guidance on the procedures for dealing with extenuating circumstances.


Student Handbook – Coventry University

Final year BAME student? Read the rest of this topic 97 words. The main examination periods normally take place at the end of each block of teaching, however many exams take place at other times as well your course tutor will advise you if your exams have a different schedule. Data collation jobs available. Have foventry heard about academic support classes? Where a module is repeated, complete reassessment in all components is required.

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Contact for the Welfare Office: CAW changes to note. How we may contact you Please note that the University may contact you by post or by electronic means including telephone, text messages, email using your University email or any other suitable electronic method.

You will need to print off a pre-completed coversheet, containing programme and submission details from NOVA a web application which allows students to check their assessments and to print their cover sheets. The examination timetable is not closely linked to the teaching timetable and you may find that you have two or more examinations on the same day including eveningsor on a Saturday both morning and evening.

Full information on the criteria which the new evidence must fulfil can be found in Appendix 3 of the Academic Regulations: You are required to attempt all assessed aspects of your course at the first opportunity. Please consult your course handbook for specific instruction about what you need to do.