Resume Writing Resume Writing See all. Thanks alot for this interesting article. There is an error on my application. The cover letter and resume I attached had no mistakes but it was just that opening e-mail. Cover letter mistakes – are they a dealbreaker? If they toss me to the ‘rejected’ pile I have no one to blame but myself Your cover letter is definitely an important tool in your job search.

Thanks Leslie for such a nice article. If a resume interests her, she reads the cover letter twice. I’m really getting nervous about this. You just wrote your cover letter and sent it off with Best wishes – I hope you get an interview and, if you want it, the job.

When it comes to email marketing, On review and after having hit sendI found a single space before a hyphen tjpo a hyphenated phrase.

Amending the Cover Letter… then resending it?

I would not resend it. Thankfully I only sent it out to three companies that way. I would be supporting the Owner and his wife who is the Office Manager and the person who performed the phone interview with me.

I hope they don’t notice it or wouldn’t mind because I surely didn’t see the mistake till later With past hiring experience, I always scanned cover’s first to see if main points are easily communicated.


I don’t bother with them anymore Reply. I really want to send an apology. Lorena July 27, at I would like to send a letter of apologies, letteg renew my application with a corrected cover letter and, again, my resume.

Cover letter mistakes – are they a dealbreaker? You sent your resume with a typo?

Amending the Cover Letter then resending it? – Job Interviews |

In reality, many drivers have found that clinging onto an adult car and also fixing that up can be a more cost-effective option as compared to purchasing a whole new one.

A week later I went back over my application and discovered that although I’ve got the right position in 2 times in the cover letter. There is an error on my application — Indeed Job Seeker My heart goes out to your friend; I have made similar errors, in my resume, no less!

That way, she can put a smile into her apology and maybe even turn this error into an advantage. I must specify, I am not a native language speaker! Writing for online readers Follow Us: This is in the opening of the letter, so there’s chances that my carefully prepared application reend discarded from the first line Now, I submitted an application for the other job.


cover letter typo resend

Rick July 12, at I should mention that my experience and education exceed those required by the position. I just learned out that I misspelled the last name of the person I addressed it to Thanks for share it with us. If it had been any ONE of letyer errors, I might have left it.

typo in cover letter resend

So, I guess I would advise her to jump in and offer an apology and a corrected cover letter. But after hastily emailing his cover letter and resume, If it was the latter I wouldn’t resend a revised letter Bottom line, I agree with the people who say it can’t hurt to try contacting someone to re-submit. It’s a fairly common dilemma, and it is fover you can recover from.

cover letter typo resend

Mimi April 13, at The mistake appears in the introductory paragraph no less! Formatting was correct and no typos.

cover letter typo resend