Find the probability that the number that say they would feel secure is a exactly five, b more than five, and c at most five. A random sample of 31 specialists is drawn from this population. Random sample of size 25 and 38 are drawn from the population and the mean of each sample is determined. The interval from part a , which uses the normal distribution, is narrower than the interval from part b , which uses the t-distribution. Provide an example that follows either the binomial or Poisson distribution, and explain why that example follows that particular distribution. The interval from part a , which uses the t-distribution, is narrower than the interval from part b , which uses the normal distribution.

B what height represents the first quartile? Is the slope of the regression line for the variables positive or negative? Find the probability that a randomly selected woman will carry the mutation of the BRCA gene and will develop breast cancer. A hospital is caring for six babies born with this ailment. How might you describe or summarize the data for this variable? First, find the mean. The height that represents the 95 th percentile is inches.

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How did you use technology to solve each part of the problem? The probability that those two horses finish first, second, third, and fourth is. As error size decreases, a larger hoemwork must be taken to ensure the desired accuracy.


A certain mzth has 29 numbers. What is the probability that on a single toss of a nickel and a dime, what is the probability that both the nickel and dime land on heads? The mean stays the same, the but standard deviation decreases. Include a graph with your answer.

devry math 221 week 7 homework

Yes, because the probabilities sum to 1 and are all between 0 and 1, inclusive B. Randomly selecting someone who is a bachelor. Use the central limit theorem to find the mean and the standard error of the mean of the indicated sampling distribution. Use the given frequency distribution to find the: The y-value of a data point corresponding to.

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How many different codes are available? What can you conclude about the data? Statistic because the value is a numerical measurement describing a characteristic of a population.

What could you present and why? B compute the probability of randomly selecting a six, three, or king. The standard deviation and variance can never be negative. Find the margin of error for the given values of c,s, and n.

Devry math 221 quiz answers

Suppose that a study based on a sample from a targeted population shows that people who homwwork a fax machine have more money than people who do not.


Select the correct choice below and fill in any answer boxes in your choice. Amount in dollars spent on books for a semester. The number of computers per household in a small town.

devry math 221 week 7 homework

The event in part c is unusual. Type an integer or a decimal. Find the probability that the member selected at random is from the shaded area of the graph. Round to the nearest thousandth as needed.

Random samples of size 18 are drawn from this population and the mean of each sample is determined.

devry math 221 week 7 homework

Match them to the indicated scores. The random variable represents the of babies that recover fully.

On average, out of 6 women consider themselves baseball fans, with a standard deviation of women. Type integers or decimals rounded to the nearest thousandth as needed.

A machine is set to fill milk containers with a mean of 64 ounces and a standard deviation of 0. Showing 1 to 10 of 11 entries.

A random sample of 49 eight ounce servings of different drinks has a mean of