Engineered metal oxide and chalcogenide nanomaterials for sensitized solar cells and solar photoelectrochemical water splitting. Cyclopentadienyl molybdenum acetylide complexes as novel catalyst for oxidation reactions. Asymmetric synthesis of beta-lactams. Electrical properties of zinc oxide semiconductor. Metal fluoride supported palladium:

Employing arynes in multicomponent reactions and rearrangements triggered by nitrogen nucleophiles. Engineered metal oxide and chalcogenide nanomaterials for sensitized solar cells and solar photoelectrochemical water splitting. Import substitution – trends problems and perspective,with particular reference to chemical industry. Investigation of advances glycated hemoglobin as an alternative maker for better diagnosis of diabetes. Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive molecules and methodologies involving oxidative functionalization of alkanes, alkenes and hydrosilylation of ketones. Functional characterization of proteinase inhibitors from capsicum annuum using transgenic approach.

Ab-invitio and DFT investigations of hydrogen storage. Application of artificial intelligence techniques to chemical engineering problems.

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Development of nanoparticle based nucleating agents for polyolefins. Design and synthesis of bile acid based conjugates, dimers, oligomers and their pharmacological and supramolecular applications. Metal fluoride supported palladium: The Nuclear magnetic business plan goldfish farm studies of these denatured protein shows a kind of characteristic patterns or results which are ncl to those pune in a fully folded folded native protein.


Bioevaluation of some plant products on tribolium castaneum – a pest of stored grains. Experiments on some naturally occuring anthaquinone carboxylic acid.

Ligated and metal free initiating systems for the living anionic polymerization of alkyl meth acrylates. Development of synyhetic methodologies using photochemical transformations and phosphacumulene ylide chemistry and their applications towards biologically active compounds. Kinetic study of the catalytic oxidation of toluene.

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Chemical investigation of some indian plants. Macroporous molymeric affinity matrices for selective separation of contaminants. Mango magnifera indica L. Correlation of membrane surface characteristics and solution environment with ultrafilteration ,membrane performance.

Investigation of wood phenolics. Dissertatiom of Biodiesel and Biolubricants. Investigation into patterns of Interactions involving sequentially neighboring amino acids in functional protines.

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Electrochemical applications of porous punr materials and their derivatives. Functionalized carbon nanotube based polymer composites as electrolytes in proton exchange membrane fuel cells.

Development of synthetic methodologies towards terpenes: B lactam-azasugars hybrids, 1-deoxy-D- galactohomonojirimycin and 1- deoxy -D glucohomonojirimycin as glycosidase inhibitors.

Genome characterization in plants with special reference to four millet species. Biological and molecular characterization of indian isolates of neovossia indica. Heterotriangulene based hemicyanine and squaraine dyes for dye-sentisized solar cells and field effect transistors. Chiral separation of drugs and drug intermediates by immobilized biocatalyst. Kinetic modeling of hydroformylation of olefins using homogeneous and biphasic catalysis.


Dimorphism in benjaminiella poitrasii: Biochemical studies on redox regulation indifferent dormancy models of mycobacteria.

Diastereoselective synthesis of beta- lactams. Alkylation reactions of aromatic compounds over alkaline molecular sieves and alkaline silica. Dissertatlon studies on reactive oxygen species generation and its physiological role in mycobacterium Sp. Development of homogenous and heterogeneous transition metal based catalytic organic synthetic methodologies and synthetic studies towards bioactive molecules.

Enantioselective synthesis of aminoalcohols and cyclopropane containing bioactive molecules and organic transformations using pivaloyl chloride. Characterization of alkali stable fungal cellulases and their potential industrial applications.

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Khan, Muhamad Surat Ali. Electronic properties of modified gallium arsenide surfaces and interfaces.