When the components of Racinian authoritarianism are analysed, authoritarian aggression and authoritarian submission are generally accepted as being relevant in the understanding of the authoritarian personality and how that promotes violence. Spencer shows that power brings misery to both those who possess it and those who are its victims, for her: He has to choose between being loved and being feared, between Good and Evil; he chooses fear and evil. We will also argue that persecution in Racinian drama is brought about as a result of passion, which can be equated to desire in Levinassian vocabulary. Once a character loves, he must express his love.

Death is omnipresent and inevitable but the actual death itself does not have as much dramatic value as the preparation or the action leading to it. Such ceremony is viewed as a poetic meditation on conflicts between individuals and their failure to integrate fully into the social sphere. They have been a source of friendships as well as good advice and stimulating debates. We will now turn to an analysis of the role played by bloodline and sibling rivalry in Bajazet. Barnett contends that in Britannicus, Junie and Britannicus do not communicate effectively because they only communicate on a superficial level: Such barriers may often lead to aggression and persecution when the destinateur realises that he or she is not communicating effectively.

dissertation britannicus racine

The Atrides are targets of celestial vengeance, whose origin can be traced back to the sun le Soleil when he discovered the illegitimate love between Venus and Mars. A further analysis of the theme of passion will allow us to better understand the causes of persecution and aggression in Racinian theatre.

This disorder in the family brought about as a result of heredity is concretised by acts of violence persecution and aggression. It is for this reason that Pyrrhus tries to blackmail Andromaque: Mont,p.

dissertation britannicus racine

What is the nature of these monsters or what is dissertstion nature of the evil that permeates the play? He has to choose between being loved and being feared, between Good and Evil; he chooses fear and evil.


Pommier, Aspects de Racine Paris: In conclusion, we can say that the play of words and linguistic strategies employed by the characters are an intrinsic part of the plots of Racinian plays.

dissertation britannicus racine

We also learn that Acomat himself is a victim of the sultan: An example of this is the use of metonymy by Racine in his drama. Jean Jacques Pauvert, This is achieved through the use of rhetoric, silence and the exploitation of linguistic strategies such as the dit and the non-dit, which all serve to perpetuate dominance.

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She still lives in her past glory and is even prepared to fight against her own son in order to recover her lost power; it can be said that power is for her a passion that controls her actions and thoughts, as dissertatioon see in: Racinian characters are tragic actors in spite of themselves, they are constantly threatened by others who seek to persecute them and see them perish. His doom or safety hangs on what he now will say [29] What distinguishes the Racinian character is not the power of love, but the very form of this love, it is selfish in that it seeks to possess the object at any price, and is also an enemy of itself, always precipitating towards disaster.

Having set the scene for the creation of Racinian tragedy, in the dsisertation chapter, we shall proceed to a detailed analysis of the incidence of rissertation and the factors that influence the relationships between victims and aggressors in his tragedy.

He has mastered all these techniques and pulls all the strings; however this path directly leads to his death. Emelina, Racine Infiniment Paris: Throughout the play, the power of the word is omnipresent; the characters are doomed to remain silent diseertation they want to preserve their innocence or to avoid incriminating themselves.

Her crime exceeds that of all her brothers. Mauron is careful to concentrate his analyses on the text and any reference to the author is for verification purposes only.


It is dangerous to venture within this labyrinth because we do not know what monster may come out.

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Take care, my Lord. Language and Theatre Durham: The whole acuity of suffering lies in the impossibility of fleeing it, of being protected in oneself from oneself; it nritannicus in being cut off from every living spring. This is also in keeping with the tradition of tragedy representing man faced with a force that he is powerless to overcome. We will now turn to an analysis of a variation of the notion of le dit and le non-dit, the concept of incommunicability. Roxane as the aggressor tries to justify her aggression towards Bajazet by transforming his refusal to acquiesce to her demands into a crime, because she is the individual who wields most power in the relationship that exists between her and Bajazet: So we find another dialogue de sourds, even between the two characters we thought were very close.

Roxane insists that Bajazet and Atalide must be held responsible for her own passions despite themselves and they are persecuted through her obsessive passion and this is her way of transferring her obsession and guilt to the Other, Jean-Claude Tournard asserts that: Uncontrolled passion of various kinds is a monster that constantly threatens disorder in the play.

There are twenty-eight occurrences of this term in Act 1 where it is predominantly associated with pain or suffering. The new Medcare Hospital in Sharjah is a 98 bed facility. The act itself is in keeping with his penchant for misleading his victims into thinking bgitannicus they are safe, as he famously declares: