Lola Nidora is confident however that Alden will surrender when he faces the next challenge. Retrieved 30 June As part of their 10th weeksary, Alden presents Yaya a surprise on the split-screen monitor: Another riding-in-tandem arrives with a gift of candies from Alden, this time for Lola Nidora, which she does not accept. Lola Tinidora gives her sister an advice: Alden volunteers to help and comes back later, looking equally as shabby and unkempt.

The Rogelios and Yaya attempt to corner the riders when one of them alights and tries to fight. Later, Divina arrives, all packed and ready to go. Speaking of whom, Isadora appears and confesses that she is the true grandmother of Yaya Dub but did not fulfill her familial duties. She becomes disappointed after Alden cannot procure them, so he asks her forgiveness and promises her that he will bring some for their weeksary tomorrow. Suddenly, a woman who declares to be the real Isadora, arrives at the scene wearing the same clothes as the triplets, and also looks like and acts like Yaya Dub. Retrieved 28 June

Secret Admirer – Facebook”.

Lola Nidora turns out to be one of the triplet children of the Zobeyala Family. Wildcard edition” to be announced. Retrieved 21 May If Alden wins, Nidora will have a surprise for the couple; but if Lola wins, she wants a favour from him.

During her production number, Yaya Dub problek a slender princess in a kingdom filled with larger women. Because of this and the appearance of Tinidora, Lola Nidora is not able to reveal the third condition. Tinidora reassures a hysterical Nidora that her worries are unfounded. While Alden and Yaya are seated, Tinidora and the Dabarkads find ways to push the couple closer to each other when Nidora is not looking. Alden Richards Maine Mendoza. Kundisyon ni Dudang – Facebook”.


Jimmy appears and Lola Nidora uses the discarded bouquet as props as she waves to Jimmy.

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She is angry because some of her workers, especially the Rogelios, are very disruptive. Afterwards, Lola Nidora promises the couple that she will give them a gift.

If not, she gets to replace the smaller table with a bigger one. Alden and Yaya convey wat their prayers have been answered when they found each other.

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Mark Elardo McMahon guest stars as Dr. Lola Nidora receives another phone call and pleads with the second mystery caller not to visit her.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Mga Paalala ni Tia Bebeng – Facebook”. Sat also explains that Nidora is strict problfm Yaya because she doesn’t want Yaya to be like Ursula, who was very aggressive and impulsive when she hastily fell in love with Dodong, a gardener in the Zobeyala household. Retrieved 23 April Meanwhile, Lola Nidora chases the riders and demands where the Secret Diary is hidden, but they are able to flee. She begs Yaya Dub not to have her weeksary with Alden. Nidora lets Alden and Yaya converse when their call is cut short after someone takes the phone away from Yaya.


Retrieved 14 April She then tells Yaya and Alden that the right time for them to meet is near. When Alden appears, Duh upstages Yaya Dub by doing the “pabebe tongue” sticking out the tip of her tongue at one corner of the mouth. Later, Divina arrives, all packed and ready to go.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Tidora reveals that she will go back to Massachusetts. Alden wishes Lola Nidora to get well, but she says his gesture is too late.

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Yaya, who was with her adoptive grandmother and employer Lola Nidoragets teased all the more after she returns his smile and waves back. Yaya thanks Alden for the fruit basket she received. Retrieved 17 October Retrieved 7 April Lola Nidora’s mysterious solvingg is revealed to be Frankie Arenolia rich man of mixed ethnicity Filipino-Chinese-Italian.

Retrieved 5 September