This is because when we greet the customers, they will feel comfort and appreciated and make them want to come more to the shop. We include the details of our cafe and the latest promotions. Skip to main content. Fixed assets Signboard Working capital: Demand for the product and service will increase based on the promotions that have been done.

Arte de Pelo Enterprise. Cost of Sales Opening stock Purchases Less: Promotion of Arte de Pelo also can be done either by promoting through media or non-media channel. Participate with daily cleaning. Has 4 years of working experiences in a corporate company and worked as a finance department manager until he decided to pursue a business in this market. Page 58 Arte de Pelo Hair Salon 7.

ENT300 – Final Project _Hair Salon

Page 30 Arte de Pelo Hair Salon 6. This section will demonstrate the operational aspect of the business that is crucial in transforming the business input and output.

As for the free hair cut, it is to attract customer first attention so that they will come again. Single I Academic Qualification: Business Plan and it is the first entry.

The operations plan will ensure the business is able to produce the product or to provide the services that the business had planned in the marketing plan. This slide is in ebt300 English: Designed by Sunergio Business and Marketing Solutions. You will receive a link to create a new password. Nadia will make sure that all the workers come to work on time and rotating queue for their break time. Do the job analysis 6.


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The number of competitors may increase at the operation. Help Center Find new research papers in: The workers will do businesw job based on the timetable that had stated. Other long-standing outlets have been very successful, opening up a second branch in Bangsar itself. Cash Register Machine 2. More importantly, marketing is an effective way to spread the word about the outstanding service that we provide.

Monitor the activities to plxn that all are being accomplished as plan 5.

ent300 business plan presentation

By mohamad faizal abdullah. Skip to main content. Page 5 Arte de Pelo Hair Salon 3. All materials needed being delivered by the supplier. The work shift will start from 10am until 1pm, 2pm until 5pm and 6pm until 10pm. Tuesday Fatin, Nadia, Aizat, Syapiq, Azfar and one permanent one permanent and three part time workers.

The number of competitors may increase at the oresentation. It spells out your purpose, vision and means of operation.


ent300 business plan presentation

Fixed assets Signboard Working capital: In forecasting sales, we have taken some other factors to consider our business based on the: Published on May Categories: Our pricing structure is also based on the value the customers place on these services. The number of competitors may increase at the operation. Afiq Iqmal Subscribe 0.

Then we will assist them to the hair dressing room. Our pricing structures are based on the survey that had been done plus ent00 count of all cost that include from the supplier to Page 35 Arte de Pelo Hair Salon us.

Ent300 Business Plan Example

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. We can get all this items from our trusted suppliers, and they have agreed to provide products with the best offer ever. We have created a website for consumer to know more about our product and services offered at our spa.