The right option should be selected. You can learn from the strategic tips acquired along the way. Temporary Check it to feature this job.: EPSO’s annual report usually doesn’t make it onto Amazon’s best-seller list, so we did the reading for you and found the most interesting facts and figures. The expected benefits and efficiencies to come out of this project include better forecasting and planning processes of future competitions, as well as improvements in understanding and smoother validation of exercises by the Selection Boards for published open competitions.

Challenges and Potential for freshwater Aquaculture. The New European Parliament: For example, what assumptions can one deduce from each option and what are the possible consequences of each choice? Re introduction works also for multiple questions? What is the role you would like to play?

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Want to find out more about EPSO or their selection processes? In order to best prepare the structured interview, we would like to work with you on three points: Committee of the Regions. This minute webcast will start at Anyway, the sense of the test is to assess your ability to decide the priority and to organise the tasks required in the best way. We simulate the structured interview and you receive concrete and precise feedback and tips to improve your way how to explain and describe past professional experiences and situations.

Agriculture Atlas – Facts and figures on EU farming policy.

Starting from the competencies checked by this test, we will identfy concrete behaviours with you by which you can demonstrate that you stuy able to use the competencies. We wil quickly response and send further information to you.


EPSO training courses – ORSEU Concours

State of the Union Citizens’ Rights How the EP of the s and s shaped our institution today Two, be able to recognise the right and wrong behaviours for each competency, by understanding the methodology. Currently this technology will be adopted during competitions for the recruitment of legal specialists. Assessing the market power of digital platforms. Where next for EU institutional Reform?

epso case study webinar

Restricting microplastics in Europe How far and how fast? We offer three types of courses: Why are these webinars super useful for your EPSO preparation?

epso case study webinar

Most of our courses are offered in English and French. Fondation Universitaire, Salle Felicien Cattier. What particular strengths would you bring epao your work?

Why are these webinars super useful for your preparation?

epso case study webinar

The right option should be selected. Some time you have to make small calculations and find in this way the right answer. We present you online a practical and proven model that can help you as wbinar orientation framework to also act in such a way that you cover all the competencies you have to show. Moreover, the scoring of the two competencies tested for the AD5 case study are also influenced by the other two exams e-tray and oral presentationso even if your case study performance is mediocre, you can still improve it even though for most candidates the e-tray exam has already passed.


They need to identify and understand the information provided in the emails, and also make the links between the various emails, and they will sgudy to measure the relevance of the three action options based on their understanding of the documents.

Training for the EPSO assessment centre

It includes a methodology, a timed test and a detailed correction. European Direct Taxation Matters: Click here to view our specially tailored practice packages for Internal Competitions. We will also use video-recording during the seminar that you can receive very concrete and precise feedback to improve your performance. Andras will cover the latest and most accurate information on: Better rules, common values and more opportunities for trade and investment. I would like to know more about the case study for specialists.

EPSO initiated a pilot project inwhich involved Permanent Selection Board Members as subject-matter experts in the development of exercises to be used in Assessment Centres for general competitions.

To ensure that test difficulty is as accurate as possible and is consistently maintained across all languages. Seconded national expert — Gender-based violence.