We are trained to ace every standardized test, and those who deviate and see light through a different lens are worthless to the scheme of public education, and therefore viewed with contempt. In every one of those courses, some students are going to be miles behind and some are going to be miles ahead. The truth in all of this I pray will lead you and others to eternal salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven, and the fact that the one and only GOD that created all things Loves You and wants to have a relationship with you now, and in life everlasting!!! The new Zen Pencils book! The road to freedom You are fortunate beyond words, simply for knowing what you love to do and doing it. You’re your own person now.

July 17, , 1: Education should be FREE for anybody who wants to learn and it should be structured differently to bring out people’s real true talents. July 25, , Marvellous…truly makes me wonder why we still have schooling in the structured manner…why are top rankers still considered intelligent students…i was an above average student myself and can relate to this very much, since currently i am in the last factory…work…. Everybody is a genius 6. Even though you were a slave, you were still hardworking.

Sara Matthews May 11, at Art comes in many forms and only you can make definition of the word.

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Even though you were a slave, you were still hardworking. This time, though, I wondered. Buy Facebook Followers golddon a way to acquire status and acceptance on the internet in a short duration. We are raised to believe so much goldson, the comic important lie speech that we are free.


Erica Goldson: The Valedictorian Who Spoke Out Against Schooling

The data that you have given is exceptionally useful. Strange like me As a high school teacher of twenty years, I wonder if your teachers are as impressed with you as I would be if you were my student.

Roll the dice I found your blog when I was looking for a different sort of information wonderful collection, but I was very happy gradkation glad to read through your blog.

erica goldson graduation speech comic

Into the wild May 20,1: One should regard graduating as proof that you are able to commit yourself to an endeavour, nothing more. Ocean Cash April 20, at What this geaduation condemns is achieving academic success purely commic the sake of doing so: Anonymous January 29, at A Poison Tree The trick is to not become burdened at the perceived gap, but to look at with hope of what could be.

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There I met the executive assistant to the CEO of the company who was 4 years older than myself. Irene Query January 19, at 6: Wpeech goal may well be to help the school systems change the way our children are taught; maybe to have them fully aware of the “real world”.


erica goldson graduation speech comic

If you can take your talents, your training, and your inspiration and combine them with vision and determination, you can truly accomplish all that you hope to achieve. October 30, at I just graduated and I have to say that I am kind of lost right now. You will wake some up, but there is a sea of Lost out there.

Well, yes, you learned something, but not all that you comc have. As a newcomer, I search for all time online for great posts and articles that will help me.

I hope a fulfilling future unfolds for you, and that you find yourself in an occupation that is enjoyable.

So I am of an opinion that it is possible to do anything that would help everyone. Well, so far, 20 thousand.

The arts fields are notorious for producing starving artists. Rohmad Hadi Santoso August 13, at 8: The thought of my own kids becoming good slaves is terrifying. You are what I expect of the future.

There is no individualization.

erica goldson graduation speech comic

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