The cyclone claimed 21 lives, damaged as many as 6, houses while the number of boats missing or damaged has been put at Barisal, Bangladesh Bay of Bengal 22, A promise of security for the girl child. PM Narendra Modi to visit Visakhapatnam today, take stock of situation”. In the coastal fishing village of Mangamaripeta, 15 miles from Visakhapatnam, where scores of thatched homes had been swept away by storm surges, inhabitants waited for aid. According to the state government, about 2.

Archived from the original PDF on October 7, FDI in Retail Sector. It is known as the Hoopoe bird in Israel, where it is the official state bird. Well-managed urbanisation can lead to sustainable growth: A villager walks towards a shelter as heavy rain and wind gusts rip through Gopalpur, a town in the southern state of Orissa. India calls for non-discriminatory and transparent global trading system India Africa Forum Summit: The Indian Ocean is a cyclone hot spot.

This cyclone prompted India’s biggest evacuation in 23 years with more than 5,50, people being moved from the coastline in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh to safer shelters. Retrieved 22 April Phailin brought very heavy rain of over mm at many stations of Odisha.

Essay on hudhud bird in hindi

As the cyclone Hudhud, which lashed Visakhapatnam yesterday with storm winds touching close to kilometres per hour, proceeds further into interior south Chhattisgarh with the wind force flagging the nation can breathe easy. Other parts of central and northeastern India were also expected to see heavy rain.


essay on hudhud in india

Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister, N. A man jumps in to help.

Hundreds of vehicles parked on roads were damaged while heavy rains inundated a few colonies. Electricity lines were disconnected in parts of Andhra Pradesh to avoid electrocutions, said Arvind Kumar, a relief and rescue official.

Retrieved 11 October The numbers of storm victims are likely to rise as the scope and severity of damage becomes more clear.

On October 11, Hudhud underwent rapid intensification and developed an eye at its center. Deepening of ties in diverse sectors.

Cyclone Hudhud blasts India’s east coast, at least five dead

The relatively low death toll reported so far followed an operation to evacuate more thanpeople to minimise the risk to lives from Hudhud – similar in size and power to cyclone Phailin that struck the area exactly a year ago. Strong winds from the storm knocked out power lines and toppled traffic signals and signposts on Sunday, and bullet train service was halted for several hours on Kyushu island.

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Power lines and a passenger bus are thrown to the ground inndia the devastating cyclone struck on Sunday. People stand on boats damaged by strong winds caused by Cyclone Hudhud in the southern Indian city of Visakhapatnam.

The storm continued its weakening trend and was last noted as a well-marked low pressure area over east Uttar Pradesh on October Tens of thousands of people spent a third night in cyclone shelters due to damage to their home or a lack of food or clean drinking water in their villages, officials said. Picking up the pieces: Horticulture Crops and Current Scenario in India. India Uudhud of Bengal 50, Thane left at least 46 people dead in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.


essay on hudhud in india

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Hudhud [nb 1] was a strong tropical cyclone that caused extensive damage and loss of life in eastern India and Nepal during Om The name Hudhud in Arabic refers to the Hoopoe bird. A promise of security for the girl child. ISRO launches satellites in a single mission. The cyclone has left behind a path of destruction. We’re using cookies to improve your experience.

Cyclone Hudhud

The newspaper said the government of Oman nominated Hudhud, which is the Arabic translation of the bird’s name, for hudhhd list of storm names. Chandrababa Naidu told Headlines Today television. Since the division of the subcontinent, the brunt of the early cyclones was borne by East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh, with the biggest one in killing as many as 3 lakh people. An elderly woman is carried by two men to a shelter after she was forced to flee her home in Andhra Pradesh ahead of the cyclone.

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