There are certain standard procedures that have already been implemented. While the Central Reserve Police Force has been assigned this role, its training and equipment leaves much to be desired, and police forces, which are under state jurisdiction, are not adequate. Questions that were never asked about the terror strike – Firstpost”. In the other two cases, we see an attempt to avoid transparent accounting, which reduces the likelihood of learning important lessons from how authorities handled these crises. Personnel, Priorities, and Governance There are other significant deficiencies for which Indian authorities ought to pursue urgent reforms, especially involving personnel, priorities, and governance.

There is a failure to appreciate that any security system is ultimately only as effective as its junior-most foot soldier. In the latter cases, the level of political sensitivity was much higher and, therefore, there was an attempt to control the political narrative, which eventually proved futile and even counterproductive. The government will wait for the high decibel media coverage to shift its attention to the next TRP raising event, committees will be announced to investigate the attack, the BSF will raise their list of equipment required and soon all will be back to normal. One team member was in constant touch with the families of the drivers in the state of Himachal Pradesh, keeping them apprised of efforts to obtain the release of their loved ones and reassuring them as much as possible. It called for the promotion of specialized studies, tasking think tanks and universities to undertake specific studies and encouraged area specialization.

The Pathankot Attacks have once again heightened the national security concerns in India, specifically in Punjab as terror has struck the region twice within twelve months. It is amazing to see the Home Minister and Defence Minister claim that the operation was a success, in that the security forces were able to contain the terrorists to a limited area and ensure that there was no major damage to our strategic assets.

Known for his “closeness” to Sucha Singh Langah, former Akali minister from Gurdaspur, Salwinder’s other claim to fame, or rather infamy, has been his colourful “extra-curricular activities”, for which he is facing two inquiries Other reports suggest that the terrorists might have sneaked in from Bamial village in Pathankot, a spot covered in thick essaj and unfenced rivulets which is often used by drug peddlers.


Personnel, Priorities, and Governance There are other significant deficiencies for which Indian authorities ought to pursue urgent reforms, especially involving exsay, priorities, and governance.

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Shouting anti-Pakistani slogans, the activists reportedly damaged computers and furniture. They sneaked in with 50 kgs of bullets, under barrel grenades.

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The purpose here is to focus on institutional shortcomings and gaps which led to a fragmented and often incoherent response. The attackers kept Indian security forces tied down for almost three days.

Inwhen he was training at the Attsck Police Academy, Phillaur, for promotion to the post of sub-inspector, other trainees recall that he allegedly got involved in a scandal with a woman employee in the principal’s office. The operations are still going on, we eliminated the 5th terrorist, NSG Official says.

The Kargil Committee made some overall observations and recommendations that are relevant not only for the specific challenge posed by teror hostile Pakistan but also for the overall management of national security. He would offer to protect them in case they needed assistance and also offered to help them retain their positions in the SSP’s office. A military official said a fifth terrorist was killed on the third day of the siege and attac, least one attacker remained in the complex, as troops worked to secure the sprawling compound.

The operational drills permit immediate responses so that senior security and the political leadership can then deal with larger issues and focus on elements for which existing drills may be inadequate.

Most crises require a coordinated response from several agencies of the state and may even involve nonstate entities like the media.

No individual functionary or multiplicity of functionaries acting in an ad hoc and uncoordinated fashion can deal effectively with a crisis. The Mumbai terrorists likely slipped into India using these smuggling routes and relied upon local smuggling networks that may have paid off the local police.

Around the same time, another Iraqi militant group brutally executed 12 Nepali drivers who were taken hostage.


essay on pathankot terror attack

In this case, the national CMG also met at regular intervals and received updates on the latest developments from the foreign secretary. Once recruited, these personnel are rarely provided even basic training.

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Operation done without compromising any asset, strategic or otherwise, says Manohar Parrikar. The Kargil Review Committee Pathanot The Kargil War unfolded over May-July along a kilometer trans-Himalayan front when Pakistani troops occupied the heights across the Line of Control — undetected by Indian security forces — and threatened the key highway linking the Kashmir Valley with Ladakh.

It took another two days to secure the actual release. Who briefed Home Ministerand why was attack shown in declaring operation a success? Two Jaish-e-Mohammed militants were suspected to have sneaked essqy the national capital. Ayodhya Jaunpur Begumpet Delhi Bangalore. Why was sufficient number of drones with thermal imaging capability not deployed in large numbers to undertake grid-wise sanitization?

It started with the Superintendent of Police, Gurdaspur, informing his superiors that his car had been hijacked by unknown persons, possibly terrorists, and that he was kidnapped along with a friend and driver.

essay on pathankot terror attack

There was confusion as to which agency should lead the antiterrorist operations, and media reports suggested behind-the-scenes turf battles. The CCS meets to consider, at the apex political level, any serious threat to national security.

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Questions were raised about the lack of clear command structure within the security forces, the long duration of the attack, high casualties, lack of co-ordination between various units and premature statements claiming the end of the attack in spite of receiving accurate intelligence about the attack.

No state-level CMG met when the crisis broke. We played our part in Pathankot operations, says Army. Terrorists in atyack spring a surprise.