Gross cautioned that he felt the campaign against Verwoerd as the “architect of apartheid” was going too far in the sense that it was too convenient to blame all the wrongs and injustices of apartheid on one man who was designated as being especially evil, stating that many people were involved in creating and maintaining the apartheid system. The methods are tested and applied to carefully chosen cases. Within minutes of the assassination attempt, Verwoerd—still conscious and blood gushing from his face—was rushed to the nearby Johannesburg Hospital. Volkelt, “Grundbegriffe der Ganzheitspsychologie”, in F. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Wundt’s ideas had a considerable impact on the beginnings of the new science not only in Germany but also in the United States, for many of his students and assistants came from North America and later became influential in their own right. Psychologists had to rely on material from ethnographic field workers, however, because Richard Thurnwald, who co-operated with William Stern, was the only German ethnographic field worker in the early twentieth century who was interested in psychological research methods. Verwoerd went to a Lutheran primary school in Wynberg , a suburb of Cape Town. Accordingly, it was only possible for psychologists to isolate phenomena such as thought within a “complex quality” at the expense of its very complexity. See for instance his contribution on “Gemeinschaft” community in O.

David Pratt is overpowered after he shoots Hendrik Bf. Verwoerd felt that the political situation, that had evolved over the previous century under British rule in South Africa, called for reform.

On Koffka’s developmental psychology see M. I am grateful to Prof. These included Kurt Lewin, who further developed gestalt psychology to establish his own “field theory”.

From he was a lecturer in psychology at Stellenbosch. Abstract The object of this thesis is to explore space and setting as used by South African fiction writers within the ideological framework of apartheid.


The significance of space and setting : a critical analysis of selected South African fiction

Their research on the perception of optical and acoustical phenomena convinced them that these phenomena were perceived as patterns gestalten. Interestingly, Verwoerd never mentioned having a doctorate when he registered, possibly because he might have had problems in being accepted to some of the courses had he done so.

Verwoerd’s notes made for his own lectures and courses in Stellenbosch contain impressions of research pertaining to child psychology and ethnopsychology, but there is no mention of holistic theory.

hf verwoerd thesis

Madeira edsEvil, Law and the State: On the congress of the New Education Fellowship, see S. He was taken to the Marshall Square police station and later transferred to the Forensic Medical Laboratory due to his peculiar behaviour.

Unfortunately there are no notes from this course in the Volkelt Papers.

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid

Accordingly, it was only possible for psychologists to isolate phenomena such as thought within a “complex quality” at the expense of its very complexity. Peter Behrens identifies four main areas of Klemm’s research, namely: This section needs additional citations for verification.

Thus his holistic approach can at least partly be explained by his efforts to outdo his rivals in the new discipline. Many years later he answered L.

The courses Verwoerd attended during his stay in Germany, such as “Child and Adolescent Psychology”, “Juvenile Delinquency” and “Characterology”, all related to his interest in poor whitism.

hf verwoerd thesis

Besides the rearguard fighting by A. Verwoerd was a staunch republican and befriended Nationalist leader J. The legitimation of apartheid comes from a different corner, namely that of cultural relativism.

hf verwoerd thesis

The Verwoerd family settled in South Africa for ten years, after which they moved to Bulawayo, Rhodesia where the elder Verwoerd became an assistant evangelist in the Dutch Reformed Church.


Wundt was convinced that the belief in magic resulted from a reaction of the affect to “awe and terror”: Then they were shown their own drawings together with others, ht one drawn by an adult with the cylinder in the correct perspective. It has proved particularly problematic because it has been used by many authors as a reference work despite Miller’s very selective and superficial perusal of the Verwoerd papers.

These notes report on a project on children’s drawings presented by Lotte Hoffmann, a research assistant. In he published a poster condemning mixed marriages depicting a black man and white woman living in poverty.

Hendrik Verwoerd

The relativisation of universal criteria of analysis was not restricted to the developmental psychology of the individual but also played an important role in adapting cultural relativism to ethnopsychology. Like Krueger, Volkelt engaged with Wundt’s ethnopsychology again and again over the years.

On another page in the same collection of notes he writes: Nevertheless, he cannot be counted among the victims of the Nazi regime because he used the opportunity to fill the vacant positions in the psychological associations with his own adherents when Jewish colleagues like William Stern were expelled from their universities in For “primitive peoples”, puberty is a stage which is never overcome. Power, Apartheid and the Afrikaner Civil Religion. After his schooling, he proceeded to study theology at the University of Stellenbosch.

Almost all the topics are investigated from the perspective of genetic comparison.