Trost and built in to house the campus chapter of the YMCA. The Honors Program encourages student writers and artists to develop Honors Thesis projects. The report must also contain a reflective component, demonstrating increased self-awareness and personal growth. Both the supervising professor and the Honors Director must approve the proposal. The student will be required to submit a proposal to you and the Honors Dean for approval.

For upper-division courses, the requirement is a cumulative 3. The Capstone is normally completed during the senior year and may be undertaken only if the student meets the eligibility requirements for graduation from the College 3. The mission of the New Mexico State University Honors College is to serve the citizens and state of New Mexico by providing an enriching environment for diverse, academically talented and motivated students. A statement of the significance of your research. By completing the prescribed honors course requirements and maintaining a minimum GPA of 3. Entering freshmen are automatically eligible for admission to the Honors College and Crimson Scholars by meeting one of the following criteria: The instructor in Honors is a technical advisor to the process.

State the research hypothesis or the research questions and objectives of the thesis.

honors thesis nmsu

Crimson Scholars receive recognition in the commencement program and are eligible to purchase a Crimson Scholar cord for graduation. The honors faculty participate in residence hall programming and frequently attend residence hall floor meetings with students.

Undergraduate Honors College

Please furnish your advisor with the Faculty Information Sheet yellow insert. A written report describing the objective and design of the project, as well as an evaluation of its successes and failures, must be submitted to the Honors College according to norms established by the college.


These are just a few of our success stories, come join our community of scholars. Deadline for the submission of the Final Application: The following guidelines apply: Honors College Scholars should possess and demonstrate the following characteristics:. Automatic eligibility for all Honors courses Early registration Extended library check-out privileges Special advising The option to live in the Honors Living Learning Community in our residence hall.

Entering freshmen must have either: Students lacking these requirements may petition hoonors Honors College Dean for permission on a case-by-case basis. International Study Option Students in the Honors College are tthesis encouraged to participate in an international experience. By taking honors courses, students may also work toward completing general education requirements and disciplinary requirements in the major.

honors thesis nmsu

If your project includes experimental or statistical research, give a detailed description of your proposed research strategy, or include examples of any data-collection instruments you plan to use. The goals of the Honors Living and Learning Community are to:.

honors thesis nmsu

More degree plans coming soon! This consultation is also highly encouraged in Honors The Service Learning Project must be more than simply a certain number of hours volunteered to an agency.

When they complete their general thessis requirements they continue on to take honors designated courses in their academic majors, and complete their degrees with a Senior Capstone Project.

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Slade, Campbell, and Ballou. To be eligible for the Crimson Scholars Program, applicants must be degree seeking. The student will be required to submit a proposal to you and the Honors Dean for approval. Your job will be to make certain the student conforms to the protocols and expectations of your discipline with respect to a formal proposal.


Steps to Complete an Honors Thesis/Capstone

The student should have a specific topic in mind before nmsi with the professor. Honore service hours must be verified by a supervisor of the agency or organization on a form approved by the Honors College.

Applicants should be prepared to indicate their availability for a one hour interview to be conducted the week of March 4th- 8th. The final project is graded by the faculty advisor, who submits a final grade to the Dean of the Honors College.

It is appropriate to consult one of the styles manuals published by professional societies in your field. The Crimson Scholars Program is a benefits and recognition program for academically superior students who have a cumulative 3. Transfer and Continuing Students.

If you do not set the footer, your bottom margin will not be 1. The Final application should include: This presentation must be given during the semester immediately following their experience abroad. Other research or scholarship that relates to your thesis focus should be cited in the proposal as well. The eligibility criteria for continuing membership in the Honors College is the same as for continuing Crimson Scholars status.

The Honors College Scholarship is intended for those students who wish, based on their talent and leadership, to make a significant contribution to society.