Of Women and Their Tote Bags

Have any one of you ladies ever given a thought to what must be the most basic and functional fashion accessory in your closet? It is your handy tote bag.

If you’re a working woman you definitely need a practical and sturdy hand-bag to assist you through your regular routine and what’s better than a medium-sized, canvas, tan-colored tote bag to fit that picture.

To top off the functionality list, the biggest asset of a tote bag is the “space” it provides for you to carry around your nitty-gritties.

Tote bags have known to replace “purses” as a fashion ensemble of our time. Being far more functional these bags have even been embraced by top grade fashion houses ever since. A young woman based in the metropolitan artistic fields might have pondered over the thought of owing a luxury bag and as a necessary venture but thanks to the rise of the modest tote, she can hoard her shoe budget and still look, well, stylish and smart. Some of the local celebrities are also seen sporting the handy “fashion” and they seem to carry it just fine.

These can be further classified as a “Vintage” fashion item as the origination of the tote bag dates back to the 1900’s. The word “tote” inevitably, means “to carry” and was already known as early as the 17th century but not used for the bags till 1900.

If you’re a bit of an environmentalist and want to do your part for Mother Nature, you can try the new range of eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable bags. Plastic takes about 100 years or more to decay completely on the surface of earth. To stop this global exploitation and its toxic trails, we must switch to using this environmentally friendly bags. These all natural bags come in attractive colors, prints and different materials such as jute, canvas recyclable matter and even some organic by-products. Some suppliers offer to completely provide you with customized and personalized bags for e.g. you can get a photograph from your personal collection printed on an eco-friendly and attractive bag. In this way you can preserve your memory at the same time while preserving the environment.

A custom-made tote bag is a perfect gift item and can be availed at a lot of department stores. You can even opt for a wholesaler to cut down the middleman fees and why not? Buying these bags in bulk will always prove to be advantageous for you due to its many benefits. These bags also act as a great promotional item for company owners who may choose to imprint their company logos on the bags.

It is also a perfect commodity to gift your team during office convention rather than gifting them the regular and drab gift sets. Purchasing these bags in bulk from a reputed whole seller are advisable as it saves your precious energy which you would initially end up wasting while shop hopping for your perfect tote bag. Whereas with wholesalers, you can easily avail your preference all under one-stop shop required the supplier you chose delivers you with the best stocks in the market.