Action Through Intelligent Empathic Understanding

The vast majority of the world are forced to live far below the Standardized Poverty Threshold which evaluates an individual net income in context the global GDP. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking fact of life that the many of us here in the United States refuse to acknowledge. It’s difficult to see beyond the scope of our own lives while not falling into a habit of measuring the rest of the world within that personal frame of reference. Even the best charity event can only do so much to inform an individual about the hard ships that people all over the world have to face.

That knowledge is not enough; they have to be able to understand. They have to learn how to step outside the reality that they’ve grown used to and come to the realization that there is more beyond the well worn ruts of our daily lives. How best to reach that point? Is it something that can be taught? Is empathy the road that is not so well traveled? We live together within societies but within every society exist blinders for those outside of our accepted parameters. Charity is a multi-billion dollar industry but it’s still a small drop of rain in the vast ocean of desperate poverty.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a life outside our own. For a moment, try to think of yourself living without the day to day luxuries that are all around you right now. No, I don’t mean Internet access, Netflix or owning a car. Imagine not having access to any public utilities. Think about how difficult it would to have the simple luxury of taking a bath in clean water. How about satisfying your hunger? For some, even here in America, that’s a dream – millions of children right now are going to school desperately hungry.