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Diamond Rings: Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring There is a lot of pressure for men buying an engagement ring because it symbolizes love and it is considered a token of a man’s willingness to take the relationship to the next level. Plus the fact that most women one’s engaged will be proud to show off their engagement ring to their family and friends. When it comes to buying the perfect engagement ring for your fiance, you have to consider your budget, researching her style, picking the best engagement ring band, your fiance’s ring size, selecting the best diamond shape, considering insurance of the engagement ring, selecting quality diamond by knowing the four C’s, and alternatives to buying a diamond ring. You have to consider the most important characteristics when buying diamond engagement ring for your fiance which include the four C’s, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The diamond’s cut is the determinant of its brilliance, the better the cut, the more sparkle it will have. Lack of color determines a diamond’s color grade, and the more colorless the diamond, the higher quality grade it receives. When it comes to clarity, the fewer or no imperfections receives the highest clarity grade it receives. Most people are familiar with this term, but remember that karat is specifically the measurement of a diamond’s weight. The diamond’s form pertains to its shapes such as round, radiant, princess, heart and pear, with different attributes. The engagement ring’s setting pertains to the way in which diamond is placed on the ring. Engagement rings have various settings and the most popular are eternity band, bezel setting, channel setting, and pave. Often times, finding the ring size is where a lot of men screw up in the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring, and you don’t want to experience getting down, kneeling and attempting to slide the wrong size of ring to your fiance’s finger. If you want to surprise your girlfriend, you need to be sneaky in getting a ring that your girlfriend isn’t wearing and bring it to the jeweler for measurement. One tip is to try swiping a ring that your girlfriend is not using very often from her jewelry box when she’s getting ready in the bathroom or ask one of her closest friends to pocket a ring while she’s visiting her house. Depending on your girlfriend’s style, choose from a variety of metals for the diamond rings band such as rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum, or a mix of any of these metals.What I Can Teach You About Sales

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