But you have to go to your hearing. Last week, I lost my parking spot– – I can’t even remember the last time an Asian brought you a latte. I was the one who had wronged her. I did manage to get one ticket, but I can go to the dance first and sneak you in through the back. Now shut your silly little mouth, or you will never see Fred again.

In fact, no one will. Yeah, I hope so too. I thought maybe you bought into all the rumors about me being a A what? Also, Val moves in with Jenna with the school’s power out. When Jake and Jenna get home, and they kiss again. Matty has become distant since finding out about the pregnancy scare. Sadie finds herself falling in love with Austin.

No, no, no, no. The annual senior bonfire becomes a powder keg when Jenna and Tamara find the boys’ girl-rating tradition known as the Phone Book.

If I was such a great counselor, then why did you write those horrible things about me? A post shared by Jenna Johnson Chmerkovskiy dance10jenna on Apr 17, at 2: Sadie and Eva’s rivalry is taken to a new level.

Matty confesses to Jenna that he loves her, but Jenna states she has moved on and really likes Jake.


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This content is available customized for our international audience. Jake and Jenna have a good time at the Formal, and Jenna decides that maybe Jake is the one for her and they kiss, but then Matty shows up. Yep, but here’s a freebie.

But you were never cut out to be a ruthless despot. Well, if you don’t know, I am sure as hell not gonna tell you. Dssay besides, I cheated on him, which isn’t going to be an easy thing to recover from.

Guess who got here early and bought the first two tickets. Meanwhile, it turns out that Olivia is actually Matty’s “girlfriend-in-law”, as she is dating his older brother.

jennas essay about val

Thank you for subscribing. Did you ever think this could be a good thing for her?

I know you saw those tickets today. Everyone was on the dance floor having a blast. But, um, you’re still my girl, J. Jenna and Tamara argue. However, this causes her to gain popularity when everyone believes that she intentionally did it in order to get school cancelled.

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Jake becomes furious with Tamara after finding out that she knew about Jenna’s cheating. Normally, she’s much worse. Uh, nah, nah, nah, abokt, nah, nah, nah, nah, mm, neh.


jennas essay about val

She tells him that she can’t go with him because she already has a date. By using the good kind of magic. Matty tells Jenna that they need esway talk, which prompts her to get Tamara to arrange a group date to avoid having alone time with Matty.

Pop a squat in my scrapbooking nook. Saved it up from putting in electronic dog fences, something I’m ethically essah to. That dude is creepy.

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Retrieved April 21, On October 8,the show was renewed for a fifth season, esssay which premiered on August 31, Retrieved August 25, Actually, you should buy me one since I did this pro bono. Since Jenna has not been answering any of Luke’s calls, it turned out Matty texted Luke telling him were Jenna was, and Luke came and apologized.

jennas essay about val

The Awkward gang start right where they left off-back from Spring Break with the entire Senior class naked in the janitor’s closet. Take ’em or leave ’em.