Handy Geography Useful geographical resources The farmland was poor quality and few people lived in the valley. Kielder Water works closely with Northumberland Wildlife Trust and other partners to develop and protect the local wildlife. Kielder reservoir in Northumberland is an example of a water transfer scheme. There are more benefits than disadvantages.

Click here for full screen version. Kielder water is a management scheme designed to store water for the North East of England. Location Kielder is located in an area of high land called the Pennines. Case study of a major bitesize in the UK. Kielder water supplies water to Yorkshire.

The first example in the UK of a regional water grid, it was designed to meet the demands of the north east well into the future.

There are quite a The growing population created a high demand for water. Kielder Dam is 1.

kielder water case study facts

Kielder water by rgamesby. The reservoir has reduced water insecurity in the north east.

Kielder water case study bbc bitesize geography

The lake is 11km long and stores nearly ,million litres of water — this helps in times of water shortages 58 families were displaced from their homes by the dam, their houses disappearing beneath the lake that formed. Kielder water supplies mostly the North-East of England.

This lead to the opening of a Samsung factory in Teessisde which lead stkdy other companies to build in the area. When completed, the Kielder Water Scheme was one of the largest and most forward looking projects of its time. The chemical and steel industry created a high demand for water. The local dater has also benefited through job creation and an influx of tourists who use the area for recreation.


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Kielder forest employs up to employees. Disadvantages The breeding patterns of fish have been disrupted through the dam blocking the river. The lake is 52 metres at its deepest point.

kielder water case study facts

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Kielder water is located in Northumberland, close to the Kieldsr border It is located in the North East of England This included flooding the River North Tyne valley Few people lived in the valley, few families needed to be rehoused Most of the land was poor-quality farmland, remote from markets in the lower Tyne valley When:. Supervolcanoes Case Study Yellowstone Earthquake These patterns are clearly visible on the maps below. In recent years, however, Kielder Water has come into its own, with underground springs ensuring that it always remains at high levels, regardless of the prevailing climate condition.

kielder water case study facts

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The cwse was lacking in wildlife habitats therefore the prospect of the additional physical factors was a favourable aspect. This is why some believe the project was a ‘white elephant’ The demand for water also dropped after the dam opened as he heavy industry began to decline due to cheap foreign competition. Kielder is one of the last places for red squirrels in England. Water that collects in Kielder reservoir is transported southwards and released into rivers that flow to the cities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, Durham, Darlington and Middlesbrough.


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Make sure you can name specific locations and use facts and figures to prove to the examiner that you know your case study Upcoming events can be found at kielde. Unknown 18 September at The reservoir’s ability to produce hydroelectric power has added an advantage.

afcts Finally, the construction of the lake saw the loss of a number of farms, houses and a school, with some families being forced to move out of the area. Water release is controlled from the valve tower, which stands 70m feet high the height of a storey building.

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