However, the present review showed that certain plants exhibit antibacterial activities when extracted with n-hexane solvent. In moist localities, the trees begin to develop young foliage before the flowering season and then do not flower prolifically. Increasing resistance to floroquinolones in E. Habitat Top of page It is naturally found in wet tropical forests in Madagascar from sea level up to m. A fungus, Pleiochaeta setosa , has been noticed on D. The pH of solution was adjusted by using 0. The genera of the flowering plants.

The Chemistry of Azadirachtin. Although the 75,andmicrons activated carbon is most effective for adsorption of dyes. Study showed Delonix regia pod to be a very effective biosorbent in the removal of methylene blue dye from waste waters. A golden-yellow flowered form has been described as var. Allelopathic potential of leguminous plant species towards Parthenium hysterophorus was tested by using aqueous foliar leachates, and was strongest with leachates from D. A monograph of the immature stages of neotropical timber beetles Cerambycidae.

Young plants of D.

literature review on delonix regia

Int Res J Pharma. The pods are revia cm broad and cm long, ending in a beak when mature Luna, Study evaluated a methanol extract of leaf for glucose tolerance efficacy in glucose-induced hyperglycemic mice.

Recently, however, it has been observed to be naturalizing in many countries, and has become invasive in Australia, and on Christmas Island and a number of Pacific islands. Effect of hot water treatment on the germination of seeds of Albizia lebbeck and Delonix regia.


Treatment with aqueous extract of D.

literature review on delonix regia

Flowers are large, showy, red or red and yellow, up to 12 centimeters literatufe. Chemical and biological investigations Of Delonix regia Bojer ex Hook. Log In Sign Up. The leaflets are in pairs on each pinna, oblong, 7.

Biology and Ecology Top of page Genetics. Rgeia Top of page Economic Value. It is naturally found in wet tropical forests in Madagascar from sea level up to m. Sinoxylon anale – a new destructive wood borer in Israel.

Delonix regia (flamboyant)

Bark extract showed maximum inhibition of mycelial growth against P. Different organic and inorganic solvents have been used in Pakistan for delonix plants extraction, however, methanol being used the most. Evaluation of antifungal activity and phytochemical analysis of leaves, roots and stem barks of Calotropis procera.

literature review on delonix regia

Medicinal plants extracted with regia N-hexane extracts does not exhibit better anti-E. Phenolic constituents of eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh, with potential antioxidant and cytotoxic activities.

Leptostylus praemorsus has been recorded in Antigua, Bermuda, Dominica and St. Bermuda Board of Agriculture, Hamilton. Cardioprotective effect was attributed through activation of vasodilation through the NO pathway and prevention of myocyte injury via inhibition of Literqture pathway. Encyclopaedia of woody plants: Taxonomic delimitation and pathogenicity to seedlings of Delonix regia and Rwgia lebbeck of a species related to Ganoderma lucidum on broadleaf trees in Queensland.


Landsberg am Lech, Ddelonix Study evaluated the diuretic activity of a methanol flower extract of Gulmohar in an albino rat model. The fruit ripens in the rainy season and remains on the tree for a long time, often until the end of the next season. Literature review on delonix regiareview Rating: Sphaerostilbe repensknown as stinking root disease, affects D.

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Orthezia insignis is also very widely distributed in the tropics, subtropics and warmer parts of temperate zones. It has an extensive superficial litwrature system, which renders it vulnerable to windthrow during storms Menninger, Tropical Pest Management, 32 1: Effect of pH on Methylene blue removal by 9 Allelopathy and sustainable agriculture.

Constituent of Canabis Sativa L.