Twist-averaged boundary conditions for nuclear pasta Hartree-Fock calculations: A cosmic-ray veto detector for capture-reaction measurements: Nuclear three-body problem in the complex energy plane: Second stage cooling from a Cryomech PT cooler at second stage temperatures up to K with cooling on the first-stage from 0 to W Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Coupled-cluster calculations of nucleonic matter: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. Statistical uncertainties of a chiral interaction at next-to-next-to leading order:

Constraints on Skyrme equations of state from properties of doubly magic nuclei and ab initio calculations of low-density neutron matter: Nonobservable nature of the nuclear shell structure: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. Interweaving of elementary modes of excitation in superfluid nuclei through particle-vibration coupling: Prediction and suppression of two-point 1st order multipacking: Neutron spectroscopic factors of 55 Ni hole-states from p,d transfer reactions:

Di Leva, and F.

Effect of first-forbidden decays on the shape of neutrino spectra: Peaslee, Kelly Petrasky, Paul A. Reexamining surface-integral formulations for one-nucleon transfers to bound and resonance states: First observation of 59 Ge: Excitation energies in neutron-rich rare isotopes as indicators of changing shell structure: Present and next future: Determining the rp-Process Flow through 56 Ni: Focus Thesiis on Enhancing the interaction between nuclear experiment and theory thezis information and statistics: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.


msu nscl thesis

Shape coexistence in 68 Ni: Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical heavy ions, and the nuclear interaction: Two-parameter Fermi function fits to experimental charge and point-proton densities for Pb: Voltage characteristics of Diodes used for passive quench protection of low-current magnets: Decay through a doorway state and the puzzle of Ta: Overview of neutron star equations of state 40 years of X-ray bursts: Excited states in the neutron-rich nucleus 25 F: Ion beam properties after mass filtering with a linear radiofrequency quadrupole: Continuum shell model and nuclear physics ms the edge of stability: Reduced quasifission competition in fusion reactions forming neutron-rich heavy elements: Spectroscopy of narrow, high-lying, low-spin states in 20 Ne: The 40 Mg ground state: Measurement of longitudinal spin asymmetries for weak boson production in polarized proton-proton collisions at RHIC: The case of 61 Co: Constraining the driving forces of shell evolution: Nuclear Energy Density Optimization: Charge thess of neutron-deficient 36 K and 37 K: Benchmarking nuclear models for Gamow Teller response: Systematic uncertainties in direct reaction theories: Pairing-induced speedup of nuclear spontaneous fission: Beta-delayed proton emission of 69 Kr and the 68 Ncl rp-process waiting point: Publications The 30 P p, gamma 31 S reaction in classical novae: Wendell Misch, George Nwcl.


Dong-Liang Fang and B.

msu nscl thesis

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