Below is a list of questions you should ask yourself when preparing your research statement: Conclude with the impact this project will have on your field, general science, and society address Broader Impacts. Mainly, the NSF wants to see if you can write a clear and well thought-out proposal that askes a solid research question. If you do not have such a project in mind, seek out mentors in your research group to help you brainstorm which is good advice for an academic in general! You can have more than three recommendation letters.

A fellowship’s importance depends on your adviser, your project, and your school. Despite getting the fellowship, I wasn’t very happy with the essay after submitting it. Did I say a lot? Use the jargon of your field to make sure your essay gets read by people who know your project. The NSF is a longer application with two essays, totaling five pages, and evaluated on how well the content of those two pieces fit into their review criteria of intellectual merit and broader impacts.

This fellowship is a Department of Defense DOD fellowship, but does not include any service requirements. How would answering this research question change science Intellectual Merit or society Broader Impacts? It is a great place to mention if you had to overcome any hardships or would be adding to the diversity of the STEM field.

There is a single character essay requirement. My area is computer systems. I am not joking, the research proposal is a hard essay to write or at least it was for me. Intellectual merit is often addressed by explaining what knowledge your research imparts and broader impacts is covered by how society may benefit from the knowledge in addition to how you may be a participating in outreach activities to further disseminate this information.


ndseg fellowship essay

What is the creative part of your approach? It really comes tellowship show: However, having successfully won the fellowship under these circumstances, I think I have some useful advice to offer.

Application tips Everyone should apply.

Tips for Applying for the NDSEG Fellowship – Sumedh Joshi

Applicants who have advanced to the last round say that the second round is much more difficult than the first. In practice, when you fight tooth and nail to squeeze your essay to exactly two pages for NSFcutting it down to less than a page usually requires a different pitch altogether.

In terms of the amount of time each essay takes: The Hertz fellowship also has a very patriotic focus, this is very important in framing the application material. Why should the NSF fund you specifically, and not just this research question?

ndseg fellowship essay

I mean a lot! Funding fellowshhip be a big issue for grad school, but luckily there are quite a few fellowships you can apply to. Also, depending on where you go to graduate school, it may pay less than a graduate research assistantship.

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The last paragraph read as if it was tacked on it was and there are too many commas throughout. However, make sure you demonstrate that you have a good idea that you are sincerely interested in.

I found that reading sample essays was very helpful, especially because of how political the NSF fellowship was and still is see the “broader impacts” part of the application.


With built in measures of success? You should also be sure to bring intelligent questions for your interviewers. Having a graduate fellowship means different things to different people. My best advice in crafting your essays is to leverage your past research experience and tie in your existing skill sets to what you propose as a research project.

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This by no means includes all opportunities available. I added a section on this at the bottom. To be honest, I found it fairly challenging to shrink my proposal to characters. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Tips for specific fellowships

I don’t want to repeat too much of what they said, except to say that I followed their advice for applying to the NSF and got that award. Brainstorm a project; this is on you to come up with something interesting and fun. It is the holy grail of fellowships since it offers five years of support. Despite getting the fellowship, I wasn’t very happy ndseb the essay after submitting it.

ndseg fellowship essay

Within the DoD, each military branch will provide their specific allotment for research they find important. This site uses cookies.