When Suneo records a secret video of Nobita’s embarrassing moments and shows it everyone, Nobita and Doraemon use the Secret Video to get revenge on him. Nobita cannot swim so Doraemon uses a powder on him which makes him able to swim through the ground or anything else solid as though it were water, so he can learn to swim. Nobita takes four cats off of Shizuka’s hands as a favor but his mother doesn’t want them in the house. Nobisuke and Tamako feel very happy and ask Nobita to make use of the clock to go to school. Nobita is so bored he annoys Doraemon into giving him a smiling earphone.

This first upsets his mother, then his friends who thinks he is laughing at them. Nobita and the Green Giant Legend. He eats a cat shaped one and then takes the box to the visitor, who eats four of the biscuits. Nobita uses Doraemon’s Substitution Stickers gadget to substitute a phonebook for a manga that he needs to return to Suneo. Nobita accidentally makes voodoo dolls of Doraemon and his parents using the camera and they fall into the hands of two rough girls. Tamako prepares a delicious meal for Nobisuke, but he reaches home late. Nobita uses Doraemon’s Identical Scarecrow to create a scarecrow of himself to scare off people from plucking the horsetails near their house.

Doraemon-Nobita Ka Homework – video dailymotion

Using a submarine, Nobita and Doraemon travel inside Shizuka’s stomach to take the candy out. So, he takes help from Doraemon, who asks him to prepare rice cake with times Yoho rice cake and a special prayer rice. Nobita, unknowingly, presses the trigger and sucks Nobuta into a gadget when he chases him and Doraemon.


nobita ka homework on dailymotion

The writer of the book, Funiako Funio pleads to Nobita to lend the copy to him. It ends with the next evening after sending the lion back, Suneo told Nobita to kneel oj at the Dog King, which he refuses.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion

On the day of the proposal, they see Nobita’s future father running late. However, Nobita picks the wrong umbrella and gets a beating from Suneo and Gian. After getting beaten up by Gian and Suneo and have general misfortune occur to him, Nobita asks Doraemon for a gadget that will create a barrier around him.

Doraemon gives Nobita a robot God that would fulfil any three wishes. The three of them go to the kindergarten Nobita, saying that if they want to improve their grades,they have to start from the beginning. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a smoke man production bottle to create a smoke man that will complete the housework.

Doraemon gives Nobita thrill tickets to stay cool. Hence, Doraemon gives Nobita a future radio, which gives information about homeworkk future incidents. Or if an immovable object like a tree, you can travel to the scene. Gian’s dog robs Tamako’s oon shoe from the house.

The angel insists Nobita forget Doraemon. But as he gets tired blowing air, Nobita and Shizuka take help from Doraemon, who uses ‘back to normal’ gadget to bring the winters back. The episode ends with Nobita laughing with Doraemon.

So, Doraemon gives Nobita a lucky hourglass to change his fortune. Nobita faces a lot of unfortunate incidents. The episode starts with Nobita running into Dailymotlon and asking him for a tool to help him study for his examinations that takes place tomorrow. To save Nobita, Doraemon uses the replacement rope and replaces Gian’s mother with Nobita.


In the end, they decide to switch back after Shizuka sees something she shouldn’t as Nobita. Then they go to the future and they try to find Nobita’s bride, who turns out to be Shizuka.

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Nobisuke gets a dream, in which Nobiru tells him to be strict with Nobita. However, Nobita makes Tamako more fat. Because of which, Nobita finds it difficult noita even walk.

At dinner, Nobita’s mother and father have conflicting memories on who proposed first. Nobita’s mother and uncle give him money but the envelope is empty.

Unfortunately he forgets to tell Nobita that they vanish after a time, leaving him hanging homewor, up in the air. Gian is giving Nobita trouble so Doraemon gives him a medicine which makes his words into solid letters which can be used as weapons.

Nobita can’t wait for a holiday from school so Doraemon gives him a clock which can make the days fly by. Doraemon uses a ghostly timer to wake Nobita. He then goes to buy desserts and to his shock, turns into a cat for five minutes. But Doraemon panics after seeing a rat and throws the diorama stick. Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka enter the reversed dai,ymotion and play volleyball.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion