If you would like to place an order, please email full details to info nzia. Please send your application to: Client release letter s. Experience Areas are summarised below: Overview Experience Areas Related content Share this. The two hard copies of the case study are required for the registration assessors. Please record this payment method on your application form.

The face-to-face assessment is not an exam — it is a professional conversation, in which, in effect, you are making a case for registration. The Registered Architects Board urges you, before applying, to consider carefully whether you are ready. If your case study includes more than one project you must NOT duplicate evidence that you meet the minimum standards. Memory stick containing your case study PDF. If your projects do not adequately address any of the required standards, the Assessment Panel may pose questions of a more theoretical or hypothetical nature. Here are some common reasons why applicants get into difficulty: Why are applications declined?

Nzrba initiation and predesign Concept, preliminary and developed design stages Detailed design and documentation Procurement Administration and observation of contract works Practice management and office conduct The NZIA APL Registration Programme provides seminars, and workshops throughout the year for Members on these Experience Areas. The NZIA has designed a fun and collegial programme and is an essential step for members to take on their path to registration.

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This is done to protect the public and, by that, the reputation of the architectural profession. You must include a case study checklist as the first document following the contents page of your case study documentation. Find out why and how you casf engage an architect. As noted earlier, almost invariably when applications are rejected, it is not because of a lack of architectural skills.

Client release letter s.

Becoming a Registered Architect – NZIA

The next step in this process is an interactive assessment of your skills, knowledge, attitude and experience. If you have a disability you would like the Assessors to consider during your professional cas please detail this in the space provided on the application form and provide proof.


The fee may be paid in the following ways: Applicants often face the difficulty that their employers have not been able to involve them in all aspects of managing building projects. Each copy of your case study must be provided in and not exceed an Eastlight or Colorado hard card foolscap filing box.

In the discussion, you lead the Assessment Panel through your case study, explaining the project syour role s within them, and how this indicates that you meet the minimum standards for registration.

Your case study can be made up of a minimum of 1 project and a maximum of three projects. Additional information is available on the professional conversation as an assessment tool. Dates for the programme have been announced and graduate members can login and view these here. This experience is documented in a case study that you submit with your registration application. For information on what’s required to present a case study electronically as a PDF, go here.

If you did not have a personal involvement with some parts or stages of a project, this must be clearly stated. If your case study includes more than one project you must NOT duplicate evidence that you meet the minimum standards.

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The Initial Registration Assessment is undertaken by a three-hour professional conversation which is based on a case study submitted in advance. It is essentially an exchange between two equals, led by the applicant and supported by other types of evidence that have been collected by the applicant and by clarification questions asked by the assessors.

Two copies of your case study and a memory stick with the case study saved should be sent to the NZRAB.


nzrab case study examples

Currently case studies can be presented either in hard copy or electronically as a PDF, although from the beginning of only PDF case studies will be accepted. Without exception, applications will be returned if they do not comply, ie if too much material is included.

Memory stick containing your case study PDF. The following details apply: Functions registers architects who have been assessed by their peers as competent exampls practice independently maintains an online register, so the public can confirm that an architect is registered quality assures the competence of architects every five years investigates complaints and, if need be, disciplines architects.

Your case study should not include standard studt such as the Standard Conditions of Contract or standard technical literature, but should include documents specific to the project s. In terms of the assessment itself, remember that the case studies that you will present are intended to be talking points which you use to demonstrate that you have the required knowledge and experience of the architectural process.

Your case study should not be excessive in length, but there must stduy sufficient examples of the most important documents for the registration assessors to obtain a detailed picture of the contractual relationships that were involved. What stury the Board looking for?

Checklist To ensure your application is complete, a Checklist needs to be filled out and included with your application.

nzrab case study examples

As a bank transfer reference, please cite P1 and your last name. Extra time may be granted for the professional conversation.

nzrab case study examples