The study abroad programs are also phenomenal, allowing a huge opportunity to travel around the world with many different affiliated univeristies internationally where both financial aid, grades, and credit will transfer automatically as soon as you are excepted. While grading varies from professor to professor, very rarely is grading arbitrarily difficult. Class sizes are for the most part really great if you like a discussion atmosphere. In addition, the lack of core ‘classes’ per se, instead having distribution requirements, allows for students to become the well rounded indivuals as per the liberal arts model, without forcing them to take any classes but the ones that they are interested in taking. Photo Courtesy of Oberlin College. The campus is extremely safe Commercial Banking and Financial Services.

Cost of living is definitely lower than where I’m from New York City , though it is tempting to eat out because – believe it or not – there’s some really good food in Oberlin. If a person in my class asks “how I did on a paper,” they are not secretly ploying to find out my grade, rather are genuinely interested to see how I felt my research turned out. In-depth industry and profession profiles. Study on Prison-Based College Program. I am a current student I am a former student. Permanent Residents, and undocumented students students who live in the U. Students interested in applying to the Conservatory of Music must submit a new Common Application for the Conservatory and meet its application requirements.

oberlin conservatory essay questions

Politics, Public Policy, and Activism. Still, Oberlin is in a part of the country where many institutions are expected to struggle with enrollment.

Though their is occasionally a disconnect between the ‘townies’ and the students, most get along quite amiably and students often participate in the community through community service or volunteering to teach spanish in the elementary school through the SITES programme.


Esxay the academic rigor of Oberlin is certainly present, competitiveness is virtually non-existent. Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care. Advisors are an invaluable resource for students, especially new students who may not be aware of how to navigate the academic terrain of Oberlin.

Most have become my role models!

oberlin conservatory essay questions

Amid budget deficits and unfavorable demographics, Oberlin pushes to do more with less Prestigious liberal arts colleges face ratings downgrades Mills College struggles with financial difficulty, faculty unrest as president calls it quits. Visual and Performing Arts, General. Early quextions are binding and students are expected to withdraw applications at other schools if they are accepted to Oberlin.

The Princeton Review publishes links directly to each school’s Campus Security Reports where available. Scott grew up in Rochester, N.

Oberlin College FAQ

Undergrads living on campus. High to Low Rating: Consservatory court rules in favor of Bloomsburg U professor fired for sleeping with two students. You also must fulfill the cultural diversity, quantitative proficiency, and writing requirements.

In its statement, Oberlin also pointed to the fact that the number of high school graduates across the country is not expected to grow in the coming decade. You must verify your email address before signing in. Get coneervatory personalized plan for a competitive application from an admissions expert. There are plenty of research opportunities, and professors are always more than willing to talk about options and possibilities. Oberlin uses the Common Application with a Why Oberlin essay — it makes the application easy but specific.


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Co-ops are substantially cheaper than the college’s housing and dining, they have a stronger sense of community, and they’re much better conservatoy providing for students with special dietary needs. Academics The term ‘exceptional’ is probably the best word for the academics at Oberlin.

Permanent Residents, and undocumented students students who live in the U. Beefing Up the College Scorecard. Latin Language and Literature.

Oberlin president says no to black students’ demands | PBS NewsHour

English Language and Literature, General. Scott served as a mentor in the community college oberljn program of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media, of Teachers College, Columbia University.

Library and Information Services. That being said, they do not compete with one another. One of the things that makes Oberlin unique is its co-operative housing and dining system OSCA — nearly a quarter of Oberlin students are members. The college is located in Northeast Ohio at the junction of state routes 58 conervatory I don’t think I’ve ever been asked what my grade was; students are competing with the best questins can do personally, not other students.

Level 4 Graduation Year ACT with or without Writing accepted. Beyond those six waivers, Oberlin is unable to provide additional fee waivers or assistance.

There are no core classes, but there are general graduation requirements.