I am so excited about this because there were so many things to do down in Columbus, GA who would have thought?! Remember that your soldier might not have had the opportunity to contact them all himself, so you can help him out by doing that for him. Then you’ll want get dinner, ect The ceremony as a whole was very short and he was then released for the afternoon. The graduations are usually in the morning.

I will always be a Soldier. Therefore, when soldiers process into Basic Training, they are always required to fill out a contact form for their closest-to-kin this can be a spouse, parent, roommate, etc. Theresa September 14, , 5: It is all completely dependent upon a variety of facts that change throughout the training year and with each Drill Sergeant. Try calling back or texting.

You can just post here or message me on Facebook: I also hope that if you are reading this and your soldier is in basic that you find hope that the reunion will be well-worth the wait. We searched around for a whole graduatkon were lost for about 40 minutes, haha!

My husband is at Fort Benning, Georgia and he is in Infantry too.

If your ceremonies are different, please email me so I can include the information. It will enable you to get a great seat!

Portrait of a high school graduate giving a speech at her graduation Speaker at business presentation, University seminar conference team collaboration concept, Concept education – back to school on green background Speech at Johns Hopkins University graduation in Baltimore Fareed Zakaria A senior class speaker at graduation exercises Writing note showing Professional Conference Organiser. But unlike the well-organized Fort Benning, Columbus town is very, very, very scrambled.


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Cindy January 4, Cell Phones At Drop-off First off— when you drop your future soldier off with the recruiter, leave his phone with him. Enter your log in email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. Before all else, consider weather.

As always, thank you for stopping by. If he is attending Armor OSUT, then the day before graduation could include a meet and greet, but will often simply be a pass day. Nine hundred and fifty-three cadets graduated, which represented approximately 78 percent of the cadets who entered West Point in graduatin summer of Conceptual photo asking demonstrating to work for organization without being paid Graduation Cap with Tassel Restin graduates listening to key speaker at graduation ceremony U.

Remember that the day is about them.

osut graduation speech

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Army Graduation Ceremonies

Military ceremonies are something everyone should experience, even just once, to see how hard our service men and women train. Final Takeaways Phone calls from Basic Training are completely inconsistent, unpredictable, and amazing.

osut graduation speech

There will be aides directing seating and door flow if you need help with anything. I wrote a post all about Family Day here. I took pictures while I let Mr. Because, it kind of is.

Army Graduation Ceremonies

Stacey January 5,9: And how long does security check in usually take? Send a private message to wolq. Graduztion good Army base has a not-so-good town surrounding it.

There are not tickets either, so feel free to bring an additional guest at the last minute. What time is the ceremony on the day of graduation? I talk more that gtaduation this post. Finally, the day of reunion was here!

osut graduation speech

There is no limit to how many family members, loved ones, or friends you can invite.