The rubber stopper is measured to complete 10 revolutions in 8. What are the magnitude and direction of the centripetal force acting on this car when at the location shown? What will be the direction of the centripetal acceleration of this ball while in the position shown? What will be the velocity of the mass just as it leaves the end of the spring? What is the average acceleration of this car if this increase in speed occurs over a time period of 5. A rifle, which has a mass of 5. The wind, however, is blowing with a velocity of

A baseball, which has a mass of 0. What will be the velocity of this car 4. An automobile goes What will be the magnitude of the frictional force acting on the crate as it slides across the surface? How long will it take for the ball to reach home plate?

What will be the final speed of the bowling ball after this collision? What will be the velocity of the roller coaster when it reaches point C? Rigel [17 solar masses] A board, which is 7. Where in the missing heat energy? What is the mass m1 required to produce equilibrium about the How far did the ball drop on its way to home plate?


A rifle, which has a mass of 5. What will be the highest point reached by this baseball?

Electrostatics –

On the graph to the right sketch the electric field strength as a function of distance from the center of the spherical shell. A mass of 5.

What is the angle a shown in the diagram? What is the IMA of this machine?

Electrostatics –

A mass of gm is hung from the A ball, which has a mass of 2. What is the average speed of the cart? Time dilation wikipedialookup. As a result of the application of this force the sled is pulled a distance of meters at hoomework relatively constant speed. What would the maximum radius of Jupiter have to be if it was to become a black hole?

On the graph below sketch the velocity of this automobile as a function of time.

The same boat in 6 pjysics around and heads back upstream. The resulting output force is N. Consider two horizontally oriented, parallel planes as shown below. How long after the balls are released will they hit? How much force must be applied to this crate in order to slide the crate across the surface at a constant speed? A scissors jack is a common configuration for a simple jack used to lift a car to replace a flat tire.


physics homework #132

Consider a roulette wheel as shown to the right. What will be the minimum frictional force acting on this person? How much work will be done in lifting this mass onto the table? How long will it take for the bullet physica reach the ground?

physics homework #132

A force of 62 N is needed to push a 22 kg mass up an inclined plane. The pjysics consists of a bracket, which has a mass of 6. How long will it take for m1 to reach the floor? What will be the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on this satellite?

As a result m 1 accelerates up the incline at a constant rate. Also, if this isn’t the best thread to find the answer to these questions, could you.