Nidora claims she can manage with or without Yaya Dub, but when it is time for her medicine, the Rogelios have forgotten to bring them. Retrieved 24 October The Big Surprise – Facebook”. Views Read Edit View history. After not gaining any progress in the search, the sisters take matters on their own hands and go on the hunt. Retrieved 30 June

Jimmy appears and serenades Lola Nidora; Lola Tidora sees him and was briefly smitten but makes fun of Lola Nidora’s infatuation for him. Out of heartache, Alden runs out of the Broadway studio into the rain and throws the bouquet on the pavement. Duh scolds Yaya Dub for being absent at Lola Nidora’s side and making her ill as well. Such is the case on September 5, , as the couple finally saw each other for the first time after their respective performances in the Bulaga Pa More! Lola Nidora with her entourage arrives; she is so sick now that she is acting in a childish manner.

GMA News in Tagalog.

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Alden’s delivery of isaw for Yaya Dub arrive via riding-in-tandem. Retrieved 14 March Alden appears and seems to be dating someone else, which then angers Yaya Dub.

problem solving eat bulaga april 8 2015

Retrieved 11 November Lola Nidora reminds Alden that he needs to rehearse because Yaya Dub’s performance will be different. Yaya Dub’s employer, Lola Nidora, is initially against the couple’s budding romance. Retrieved 30 March Nidora then receives a call from Yaya and lets the couple talk to each other.


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Retrieved 20 July Retrieved 22 June Nidora challenges Yaya to play “rock-paper-scissors”; if Lola wins, Yaya Dub will return to the barangay. Retrieved 22 July Tinidora arrives without Tidora, who is out-of-town on business, working with some farmers regarding a project.

She then grabs Frankie’s present in retaliation of Alden’s supposed disloyalty. Because Alden has fulfilled all of her wishes, Nidora tells him solvinv he can come back anytime he wants as long as the sisters are there.

Retrieved 30 August Two-thirds of all the tweets came from outside of the Philippines. Retrieved 2 July Lola Nidora receives a call from her Doctor about her condition. Suddenly, Yaya Dub appears with the medicine.

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To cook or not to cook? Tinidora has no idea what the conversation is about so Tidora quickly fills her in. While Yaya Dub is practicing, a mysterious woman peeks at Yaya Dub from a nearby vehicle but neither she fat the Lolas take notice.

The EB commentators receive their wedding invitations.

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Retrieved 25 October Languages Cebuano Tagalog Edit links. Lola Tinidora volunteers to be Yaya’s choreographer.


problem solving eat bulaga april 8 2015

Lola Nidora receives a call from an unknown person but she could not hear the person on the other line because of poor signal. Also some of the EB Dabarkads hosts take part of this special.

problem solving eat bulaga april 8 2015

Meanwhile, Alden wants to tell Nidora something but is too shy to do so. Lola Nidora also tells the couple that she too has a surprise: Tinidora speculates that the main reason Lola wanted to go to Broadway is to see Jimmy, in which Nidora disagrees. Even so, Alden and Yaya Dub are happy, as this is the closest that they have been to see each other. Retrieved 11 June Subsequent meetings for the pair happened in the weeks that followed, advancing the storyline of Kalyeserye. After several misses, they finally see each other from a distance; but before they could make physical contact, a wall of plywood falls and separates them.