A riding-in-tandem appears with a delivery from Alden for Lola Nidora, who chases after them in an attempt to find out where the Secret Diary is hidden. Lola Nidora is stressed out because of the leaked diary pictures while Yaya Dub pesters Lola Nidora into allowing her to have a vacation. Nidora says that she wants to be prepared just in case Isadora shows up. Retrieved 22 August In the end, DuhRizz orders her men to release Alden from captivity.

Retrieved 16 December Lola Nidora faints, while Alden and Yaya Dub promise each other that they will do everything to stop the wedding. Retrieved 15 April The studio panel agrees and Tito Sotto promises that Alden will be there as long as all of them attend. TVJ agrees to the idea, when Rihanna calls and tells Nidora that there is an emergency at the Mansion. Retrieved 4 March

It eat unfair that people like you will judge her not for who she is, not for how she excels in school, not for her craft essay journey by plane for who her mom is. The EB Team congratulate Nidora, Yaya Dub, and Alden who is not present for receiving the Catholic Social Media Awards last night for promoting proper social and moral values and also for being inspirational role models for the youth.

Alone again, the couple comfortably chat and eat until Yaya chokes on her food. Nidora figures, since Tinidora is planning to go to Europe, that Tinidora would not mind.

She chastises Alden for being unreliable, after he tried to meet Yaya Dub after the show. Tinidora speculates that the main reason Lola wanted to go to Broadway is to see Jimmy, in which Nidora disagrees.


Eat bulaga problem solving march 28 /

Prblem of Eat Bulaga! Lola Nidora then reveals that she has a favour to ask from the EB hosts. Ang Pagbabalik Sa Mansyon – Facebook”.

problem solving eat bulaga july 28 2015

Suddenly, Anselmo finally arrives at the Broadway to finally reunite with Nidora. Tiya Bebeng and the Pabebes – Facebook”. Key To Forever – Facebook”. Nidora reveals her second surprise: Nidora then tries to contact Yaya to see how she is doing, but Prlblem does not answer her phone.

problem solving eat bulaga july 28 2015

Nidora however spots the table that they have set up for Alden and Yaya and she deems it to be too small. Lola Nidora arrives at the Broadway studio to confront Alden only to discover that he is not there. Susi para sa Forever – Facebook”. Later, Alden manages to complete the challenge and runs towards the stage, but by then Yaya Dub is already at the exit about to flee from the Broadway studio.

EAT BULAGA (Problem Solving Kalyeserye) – APRIL 2 2016 Clear Video Full Episode Part 8

Retrieved 20 August Lola Tinidora assures bu,aga sister that she will do anything to help her. Nidora is proud of her bodyguards after hearing this, but refuses their request for a vacation. Yaya is still missing Alden who has been away for days but is happy when she sees Bae-by Baste, who reminds her of Alden. She rethinks her decision but when she sees the couple being happy and excited, she relents.


DuhRizz asks Yaya if she wants to see Alden, to which Yaya replies that she does. As part of their 10th weeksary, Alden presents Yaya a surprise on the split-screen monitor: Suddenly, two masked men kidnap Yaya Dub and leave the Broadway Centrum studio.

Retrieved 4 August Alden attempts to catch up and stop the wedding. The term is coined by eat Bulaga host Joey De Leon which means “street series” because it is like a TV series where the setting is on streets in a remote barangay in the Philippines. Furthermore, she will also allow Alden and Yaya Dub to hold et during the event and there will be no more restrictions as long as they trust and love each other.

Yaya is just sad because her grandmother Isadora is leaving. Retrieved 5 March The Engagement – Facebook”. She wants to start things all over again with Yaya, bupaga feels that now is the right time to do so. Retrieved 21 November Today marks her and Alden’s one month “anniversary,” or “monthsary,” and Yaya Dub is excited.