On the October 24, episode of Eat Bulaga! Retrieved 22 November The theme music of the segment is ” Hotline Bling ” by Canadian rapper Drake , which the name of the segment is also based on. Once all the boxes are paired with a contestant, they are opened one by one to reveal their cash prize. TAG goes back to work June

Nidora says that she cannot be sure and informs the studio panel that the doctors performed an X-Ray on Yaya and discovered that Yaya’s heart is stricken with love for Alden. Later, Duhrizz orders her henchmen to put Alden back in the van, bringing him to an unknown location. Lola Nidora, who does not want Yaya Dub to know about her birth, bribes Jose to be quiet. Each competitor may display different styles of dancing and is accompanied by a well-known dance group. Retrieved 9 March The show starts with the Lolas performing a variety of dance routines.

Each group will take eqt to think of and to act out a clever use for that object by realizing what other objects it might resemble.

problem solving eat bulaga june 4 2015

Alden wishes Lola Nidora to get well, but she says his gesture is too late. Yaya thanks Alden for the fruit basket she received. First Monthsary, First Challenge!

If the group of contestants fail to prob,em the correct answer, cash prizes are instead raffled off to several audience members. Essay handphone disadvantages segment is usually shortened to Juan for All, All for Juan, problem dropping the segment’s subtitle.


Fictional characters introduced in Fictional Filipino people Soap opera supercouples.

The new edition is no longer part of Kalyeseryeand is revived as a subsegment of Juan for All, All for Juan: Alden attempts to catch up with Yaya Dub but she hitchhikes on a jeepneyleaving only one of her glass slippers for Alden to possess. Lola Nidora wishes that before she dies, the YaKie wedding would push through; Yaya Dub has no choice but to accept Lola Nidora’s request.

Finding Singsing – Facebook”.


In the revival of the segment, only one question is asked per contestant. Ikaw at Echo is an impersonation contest at the turn of the millennium for contestants who can imitate the look and the singing voice of a local or foreign celebrity.

problem solving eat bulaga june 4 2015

The segment proved to be a success in both broadcast television and social media, resulting in a significant increase of viewership junf popularity of Eat Bulaga! Retrieved 7 March On the October 24, episode of Eat Bulaga!

Retrieved 29 February Bago ung joke na nadinig ko s joke ni Tito at Joey sa asawa ni florentina corpuz: They may also use props and music to enhance their acts. Ralph Recto cited the tandem as a symbolism regarding the Philippine Land Transportation Office license plates, [33] while Mar Roxas also referenced AlDub in his presidential campaign.

Bossing Vic gives Alden his handkerchief before Alden departs. One teammate is given the secret word that his teammates must guess. Eat Bulaga consistently beats It’s Showtime; Ningning debuts on top of daytime charts”.


Meanwhile, Alden and Yaya exchange sweet nothings until a furious Lola Nidora appears. It serves as a promotional segment for the novelty song “Bastelicious” by Baeby Baste.

Musical duos who auditioned are joined by two Eat Bulaga! Both joining the program’s cast inRichards first appeared as a host of Eat Eaat Lola Tinidora assures her sister that she will do anything to help her.

If not, she gets to replace the smaller table with a bigger one.

Timow’s Turf

Throughout its run, Pinoy Henyo has evolved into many different themes and editions to cater to particular groups of people, frequently modifying the segment’s title to indicate the contestants bilaga the edition. A weak Lola Nidora enters the scene in a stretcher with paramedics surrounding her. Record-breaking tweets correlate to a pivotal episode of Kalyeserye, mostly about AlDub’s continuing romance. As promised, Lola Nidora gives the couple the special gift: Frankie asks Yaya Dub that if she cannot love him, then at least let him love her.

Alden and Yaya appear to be enjoying their time together. It is a prize-giving segment.