What is the mean temperature of the coolest month? By using our website, you accept the fact that we use cookies. The knock on effects have been good for the whole community. Task 4 – Question Time: Farmers were trained in laying out contours using a simple water tube level. This can lead to famine and hunger.

However, famines do happen and , people died in the Sahel drought of to A contour stone line 25 to 30cm high with other stones behind is constructed. Some scientists believe climate change has reduced rainfall or made it less predictable. As population increases they increase the numbers of animals they keep, such as goats, which eat more vegetation. All of these things reduce the amount of natural vegetation. Earn hundreds of dollars each month by selling your written material to your fellow students. This completes the cycle, as even less vegetation can be supported and the environment declines further.

Case study: LEDC Drought – The Sahel

It is caused by stuvy mixture of climate change and the issues raised by population pressure. All of these things reduce the amount of natural vegetation. AmmaKK Member since 5 year ago 18 documents sold.

sahel case study igcse

Vegetation dies causing animals depending on it for food or shelter to perish or migrate. Link to iGCSE Population – How does a high fertility rate 7 children contribute to the problems caused by drought in this part of Africa?


The effects of desertification Desertification is a serious issue that affects over 1 billion people around the world. Desertification leads to outmigration in countries such as Burkina Faso in the Sahel.

The best study guides. They marked out the contours and dug out a foundation trench. It can have a damaging impact on both people and the natural environment. Less than 50 years ago land in this region of the Sahel was productive Savannah, but is now dry sahrl because of decades of climate change and over intensive farming, forestry and land degradation. The technique has spread from Burkina Faso to Mali and Niger.

Fill in the relevant section on your case study sheet. Lack of food and water can also mean farmed species such as cattle can die of starvation.

People have to migrate out of these desertified areas and often end up in shanty towns at the edge of big cities or in refugee camps.

The villagers work together and it is a collective effort. Over the Horizon Migration to the EU. Task 5 – How can the risk of drought be minimised in the Sahel?

Coolgeography – GCSE – Desertification

stidy This completes the cycle, as even less vegetation can be supported and the environment declines further. Complete all tasks as set out.

Strategies used to reduce the risk of desertification Desertification is not inevitable and with careful management of water resources, the soil and vegetation via tree planting we can limit the spread of deserts. Environmental impacts Seasonal rivers and water holes dry up, so sudy which live in them or rely on them for water may die.


Task 4 – Question Time: People also draw more water out of the soil for irrigation. With less food being grown and an increase in demand, food prices increase.

Droughts – Edexcel – Revision 4 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

What is the annual temperature range? Since the s, the Sahel has experienced drought conditions on a regular basis. Natural Hazards 1st year. Studu cutting down of trees for fuel. Have you written lots of study guides or notes?

Optional Task – Higher Level Extension Video – Watch the video below and take notes on how Allan Savory recommends that we fight desertification and reverse climate change. Overgrazing and deforestation on marginal land can lead to desertification. Human activities that can help trigger droughts include: A project focussing on Acacia or gum trees is trying to help. Barren land has been restored and vegetation re-established so the scheme has been a big success and sustained.

sahel case study igcse