It can have a damaging impact on both people and the natural environment. This can lead to famine and hunger. Optional task in the booklet below. The Sahel is semi- arid , receiving between and mm of rainfall in total in an average year, however it only falls in one or two months. Earn while you study.

Strategies used to reduce the risk of desertification Desertification is not inevitable and with careful management of water resources, the soil and vegetation via tree planting we can limit the spread of deserts. Farmers were trained in laying out contours using a simple water tube level. Over the Horizon Migration to the EU. Less than 50 years ago land in this region of the Sahel was productive Savannah, but is now dry desert because of decades of climate change and over intensive farming, forestry and land degradation. Thanks to the study guides written by fellow students specifically for your courses, you will never miss a trick when it comes to your exams. With the study guides and notes written by fellow students, you are guaranteed to be properly prepared for your exams.

Sheet here Why do deserts form and why?

Coolgeography – GCSE – Desertification

Complete the activities set out using the David Attenborough video to help you. Construction of a dam on a large river iv. Link to iGCSE Population – How does a high fertility rate 7 children contribute to the problems caused by drought in this part of Stuey Stone lines — Water and soil management.


Which is the wettest month? The best study guides. Which is the coolest month? A project focussing on Acacia or gum trees is trying to help. Droughts are also often caused by the activity of humans as well. This leads to regular crop failure.

sahel case study igcse

It is caused by a mixture of climate change and the issues raised by population pressure. What is the mean temperature of the hottest month? Farmers were trained in laying out contours using a simple water tube level.

Desertification the Sahel

Many of the techniques used have used appropriate technology, which is suited to the needs, skills, knowledge and wealth of local people stuey the environment which they live. This settled agriculture means that people farm too intensively which also drains the soil of its nutrients.

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What is the annual temperature range? Make notes on different approaches that can be taken to reverse the effects of desertification in the Sahel region of Africa. Task 1 – You’ll need the New Wider Gicse textbook, pages Task 4 – Question Time: When it rains, the rainwater runs cwse the surface of the soil rather than soaking in which means that soil can often be washed away. How much rainfall does the wettest month receive?


Case Study 9: Causes/management of Sahel desertification – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

It can have a damaging impact on both people and the natural environment. In addition, Climate change is making temperatures hotter and rainfall less reliable and more variable. Human activities can make the effects of drought worse. This has led to sahl disappearing. Large stones are then placed into this trench followed by smaller ones.

sahel case study igcse

Which is the hottest month? Changes in surrounding ocean temperature — the temperatures of the south Atlantic and Indian Oceans increased, with a smaller temperature gap between land and ocean, and monsoon rains were reduced.

A contour stone line 25 to 30cm high with other stones behind is constructed. Can be completed for revision purposes.

This can lead to famine and hunger. Click on the blue tab below to access the worksheet. Increased soil erosion makes the land less fertile, creating a long-term issue for the farming community.

sahel case study igcse

How has this animal adapted to its climate and surroundings?