Instead of allowing this diversity to become a hindrance to our progress, we want to recreate these differences to our advantages. Singapore is my home because whoever I was, or am now, or want to be, I feel I can be that person here. Skip to main content. If we put that all together to sculpt a single, proverbial Merlion identity, it will be iconic and recognisable more to foreigners than to us. And if they know about current events, it is often about global rather than regional affairs.

And if the service wishes to utilise behavioural economics to “nudge” citizens to behave in ways contributing to the public good, it must have creative people to imagine clever ways to do so. In , approximately one-third of the population contributed their own time to serving communities. It aims to do so by supporting websites that seek to enlighten readers and provide diversity of opinion, so as to ignite passion and responsibility in nation-building. I have lived and worked in this country since Perhaps the Internet has produced a generation of young people more interested in bite-size news than deeper analysis found in books and magazines?

Good urban planning has transformed Singapore into an advanced metropolis. First, they have a poor knowledge of Singapore’s history.

singapore sg50 essay

We should put in place a framework for this fluid discussion to take place, to be mapped and to be expressed. AND so I would like to close not by defining the Singapore identity but by simply sharing with you my personal journey as a migrant to these shores. Taking Dawei Port Project as an example, involvement development will allow Singapore to retain its comparative advantage in port development. Skip to main content. As predicted in The Second Machine Age, with advances in digital technologies such as ever-smarter Artificial Intelligence and exponentially increasing computing power, most 20th century middle class jobs are being replaced.


If they imbibe everything they are taught uncritically, it means they are not thinking for themselves and have closed minds. BY law, no one should work more than 37 hours a week, which allowed us sjngapore spend more time with loved ones.

sijgapore He said rugged society, and that was our identity during my generation’s youth. However, the rise of Asia has intensified global competition for talent and investments. Some are attracted to the Workers’ Party not because they are against the PAP per se but because they share the belief that the Government needs checks and balances in order to be more responsive to the people.

He wanted to hear from them why they chose Australia over Singapore. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. They work hard, stay humble and help the less privileged. We have equal opportunity to pursue education and career without discrimination. But the young, while cast in the same mould, are not exact aingapore of the old. But if the change does occur, they are confident in their belief that Singapore will not collapse because more and more good and capable people will eventually join the opposition, as many singapoee those who join the PAP today.

Despite the fact that our students nowadays travel quite frequently, and much esway than students in the past, many lack knowledge about, or interest in, current and foreign affairs.

What 18-year-olds tell us about Singapore’s future

Their values have changed, leaving the old somewhat bewildered. Most amazing is how far and fast we have progressed from third world to first world country with a strong economy and a high quality of life. I received my naturalised citizenship by esasy technicality – because my father was Ambassador of Singapore to Thailand and our home since childhood became, technically, sovereign Singapore territory.

If managed well, those outside essah be co-opted and turned into allies. Whoever asserts that The Online Citizen only caters and speaks to a narrow profile of Singaporeans can surely be proven wrong. When I was detained by Mr Lee under the Internal Security Act, I was only 24 and he was already 53 years old – in his fearsome, intimidating prime.


In other words, you and I are not cogs in a machine, or grains of sand, or drops in the ocean. But they believe that the Government should do more for the poor because they feel it is just, not because they are socialists or communists.

Singapore’s Second Age – an essay for SG50 – The Online Citizen

When one of them told him that he gave up a well-paid job in Singapore to migrate there so that he could work half-day and go fishing in the afternoon, Mr Lee nearly fell off his chair.

TOC Ltd is interested in the development of the online media sphere in Singapore, with the view of promoting an open and diverse media environment that values the constructive collaboration of ideas and views. Schools or community clubs should singapire to conduct more sesay cultural activities. Moreover, there is a shift in social expectations today with more young graduates demanding work-life balance and pursuing their passions.

The city is as verdant as ever and the sky cerulean.

singapore sg50 essay

This apathy will not breed active citizens. The students eagerly pull grey virtual reality headsets over their eyes. Copyright – The Online Citizen Students fssay read simplified translations of the Ramayana in English and watch Javanese renditions of it.