All students will develop a degree plan that is consistent with the requirements of the program. Written approval from the major department chairperson, the Dean of the college from which the degree is offered, the Graduate Dean, and the Provost are required. Courses beyond the semester hour limit will need to be retaken. The Marine Biology Program is designed for students with an interest in one or more of the subdisciplines of marine biology and who wish to pursue careers in higher education, government, or private industry. The advisor s will serve as chair s of the committee. If accepted into the program, these students will be required to take up to 15 additional hours besides those already required for the curriculum emphasis in the doctoral program. Please consult the specific program for additional details or requirements.

The department chair or program coordinator recommends revalidation of dated courses. Persons with unique and appropriate expertise may be appointed to the dissertation committee upon approval of the Graduate Dean for the dissertation portion of the doctoral program. A graduate student may retake a maximum of two courses during graduate study in the University. Placement on Scholastic Probation: The committee may admit persons with lower levels of the above indicators of academic history if a professional and personal qualifications are unusually strong and b the student demonstrates a high degree of proficiency on a writing sample administered and scored by the admission committee. The completed Teaching Assistant Application http:

This enables the System to recruit top students from a variety of geographical, socio-economic, racial, ethnic, and cultural environments.

All figures and tables must also dssertation to these margins.

Students on graduate assistantships must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours per long semester See Graduate Assistantships. College of Liberal Arts. If the student successfully passes the qualifying examination, they will be advanced to candidacy.


Any exceptions to these rules must have the approval of the Graduate Dean. Page Numbers – Bottom center.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

Graduate Academic and Degree Requirements. In addition to the general Transfer of Credit Policy, specific requirements must be met for courses that may transfer for terminal degree credit. A graduate student may retake a maximum of two courses during graduate study in the University.

Marine Biology, PhD

A course in which the final grade is a B may be repeated for a higher grade only with the permission of the Graduate Dean. The signature of the student is required on degree plans. The page numbers should run consecutively throughout the rest of the narrative text. The advisor s will serve as chair s of the committee.

Graduate Academic and Degree Requirements

Academic and Student Services. A graduate student may not register for more than 12 hours ta,ucc a regular semester without the approval of the appropriate college dean. The student is responsible for scheduling the defense with the faculty involved. A limited number of fellowships are available, and faculty members conducting funded research projects often hire qualified graduate students as Research Assistants.

The student will choose a doctoral committee chair from among the regular graduate faculty members of the doctoral program. Additional requirements for admission to the program are described below.

These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the specific style adopted by your academic program. Exceptions, provided the courses were completed at this university, will require strong justification in writing from the student requesting the exception as well as revalidation plan.

Faculty, Regents, and Administration.

Please consult the specific program for details. However, the headings and subheadings must be formatted to use this option. The first page of the body of the narrative text is numbered with Arabic numerals starting with page 1. College of Education and Human Development.


tamucc doctoral dissertation

Each student must take a written comprehensive exam. A student may not register for more than 6 hours of course work in a single session of summer school without the approval of the dean of the college in which the student is majoring. Counting of the time to the completion of the degree ceases when a leave of absence is granted and resumes when the student re-enrolls to continue the program. Degree plans must be developed by the time students have completed half of the course work in the program prior to completing 18 months, and copies should be forwarded to the College of Graduate Studies to be approved by the Graduate Dean.

An admission committee will consider all qualifications, including professional and personal qualifications, in making admission decisions. Teaching assistants must meet the enrollment requirements in the previous paragraph and are expected to make steady progress toward the completion of an advanced degree.

Program: Marine Biology, PhD – Texas A&M University Corpus Christi – Acalog ACMS™

All students are required to maintain continuous registration until completion of doctorzl requirements for graduation unless a specific leave of absence is granted in writing by the department.

Required are 12 semester credit hours of core curriculum courses, 18 semester credit hours in research courses, 24 semester credit hours in the curriculum emphasis, and 6 semester credit hours allocated for the completion of the dissertation.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

All faculty members responsible for portions of the written exam will disserfation a response of satisfactory or unsatisfactory or other grade within one calendar week and inform the advisor of reasons for the unsatisfactory grade if such a grade is given.