Maybe they could focus more on diversity, racial as well as socioeconomic. I was a high-achieving, mostly AP student involved in leadership for many organizations, but I had no interest in STEM I wanted to be a journalist then and still do , so I did not understand why I needed to apply for this program. Anyways, good luck out there. I turned down TJ for years because I knew I would not fit in with my sarcastic sense of humor. Success is deemed by if you feel fulfilled in your life. Like Liked by 4 people. But they are unfair.

I think she is talking about a large problem in our society that is prevalent in education but reaches far beyond schools and colleges. Or overcoming bullying in their life. Once that happens, TJ is going to change in incredible ways. This reminded me of this article: To close, I will agree that the pressure cooker environment that TJ has become is not conducive to learning or growth of students.

The Middle School Program

I personally had a fantastic time in high school, overall. I see kids devastated for not making it into TJ. First, many 12 year olds know that they have an interest in STEM. If there is a test, one can prepare for it.


I Have A Problem With The Nation’s #1 High School – Between Me and You

So, in a sick sense, all of that cheating was worth it. The world is stupid and obsessed with status, and people can homdwork on their name brand degree for years, so long as they are smart enough to fake it. They begin by developing proper fundamentals including posture, breathing, embrouchure and fingerings. Once again, this is not universal, but it is for a lot of us.


No one in the work world cares where individuals go to high school—or college, for that matter. As much as I loved some of your points, I would also like to address some.

I admire your purist views on tjhssst, and I wish one could go through life doing ONLY what one wants to do. The consequence of a TJ middle school education is the readiness to tackle a demanding academic program in the Upper School. Rack up homeworj challenging courses!

At one point, I told someone that all you have to do is give it up to the admissions committee…. I pray all current and prospective TJ students will read this—and then read it again.

tjhsst summer homework

Of the kids that decided to leave TJ after freshman year, there were many who played sports and couldnt balance both at 14 years of age.

Students continue the study of musical notation, rhythm, and form.

tjhsst summer homework

Talk to yourself if you are making a right decision. Some parents, mine included, were very lax during our high school years. They all went to college.

tjhsst summer homework

What w e had was a well rounded experience with excellent teachers who cared about developing good, cooperative humans. Also not to mention the costs and your debts after graduating… Jeez.

Consider homeowrk theoretical company called Tryna AF.

Thomas Jefferson – TJ Summer Reading Lists

This would be a lot of work for the teachers and a lot of kids would hate it. Okay… that sounds like something a lot of people would criticize immediately, but let me explain…. Students will also learn historical research methods and writing skills. They view college as work. Kids straight-up lying to their teachers, stealing answers from their classmates, and taking cellphones into exam rooms. Thus preparing those students interested in learning for higher focused learning and a productive future career.


The course offers a basic study of cells, genetics, and the diversity of living organisms.

2019 TJ Summer Reading Lists

We could focus on academics but also balance with sports and music. You secure a first date with Flavius the Third. They all obtained jobs and all have careers they enjoy. These electives are meant to provide a time for the students to study a topic that may not be part usmmer their core course of study, or allow them to study a particular topic of interest in more depth.

High School is for teaching students the basics about science, technology, mathematics, history, arts and economics.

As our administration has chosen to emphasize rankings, test scores, and college acceptances, students have suffered.