What forces bring persistent and rapid expansion of real GDP? Using the federal budget to achieve macroeconomic More information. The Tutor2u macroeconomics revision presentations are a good resource for your revision: Markets and Market Failure. Fiscal policy is the use of the federal More information. The realism of the assumptions required for efficiency in perfectly competitive markets The assumption that export prices always rise and export volumes fall when the exchange rate rises non-price competitiveness might be an offsetting factor etc.

Explain evaluation What criteria can I use to be evaluative? Or in raising labour productivity and thereby improving the trend rate of economic growth? The clue to what is required lies in: B lay off workers and reduce. Economic policy making is not an exact science the economy does not always respond to a policy change in the way in which theory might suggest.

Examiners will be looking for breadth of argument as well as depth of analysis. Three key economic ideas. The ocr section summarizes the key indicators f each topic benchmarked against regional averages.

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Good effective use of the data stimulus if you ignore the data you cannot pass the exam 3. It is crucial that you attempt evaluation. So use definitions, diagrams, explanations etc For data response questions carrying 50 marks Q a 3 minutes 4 marks Q b 5 minutes 6 marks Q c 8 minutes 10 marks Q d 24 minutes 30 marks Part b assesses how well you can apply knowledge.


People Face Tradeoffs To get something you want, you have to give up something else you tooliit. Ed Sexton and Kerry Webb were the primary authors of the material contained in this lesson. Requires diagrams develop your analysis by changing the elasticity, or shifting some curves around. Sauer Sample Questions for Exam 3 1.

Economics Exam Technique

Perhaps make a reference to a recent economic event to serve as a reminder of the relationship that you have just finished explaining Discussion involves comparing the costs and benefits or the arguments for and against a particular economic policy or decision. Explain evaluation What criteria can I use to be evaluative?

Trade-offs and policy conflicts Making effective use of the tutor2 in questions What are the examiners are looking for in data response papers? Good candidates analyse the reasons for recent changes in the UK v585 and propose possible solutions to macroeconomic problems. I think there is a high chance of it being on inflation advs and disadvs and how tutor22u address it. And you will be expected to bring into your answers some wider knowledge on economics.

Through the MP curve the nominal interest rate More information. Inside Konkola Deeps, the world’s wettest copper mine. If false, provide a brief explanation of why it is false, and state what is true.

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If Congress passes legislation More information. Economic awareness and evidence really counts in both AS and A2 exams!


The economic problem that every society More information. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

tutor2u ocr f585 case study toolkit for june 2014

Download “Economics Exam Technique”. Put all your answers in the blue book provided.

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I tutoru argue that policy X is likely to be most effective in achieving the government s objective in the long run. Final Exam Econ Spring This is a closed book exam.

Evaluation of the effects of policy There is scope for diagrams in the data response paper particularly effective use of aggregate demand and aggregate supply curve analysis and other macroeconomic diagrams. The more you revise the more fluent and knowledgeable you fpr become.

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This seems obvious – but it is surprising how many people don’t really do this. Fiscal and monetary policies are the two major tools. Macroeconomics Revision Essay Plan 2: Which of the following statements is correct? Economics Solution to Sample Midterm 2 N. Possible government failure from policies designed to t585 for market failure e.