I’m talking food, clothes, petrol, rifles, tools, everything. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The result of the terrorizing events caused Ellie to believe of herself as a liquidator and resulted in ideas of believing about the households of the dead and what they would experience. The author uses assorted linguistic communication techniques and realistic descriptions in the novel to assist audiences to understand the chief construct of the narrative. For the first time Homer is pushed past his limits.

It suddenly seemed so obvious that if we had a future, it would be in Hell. Teamwork was a big asset to survival because without help it is hard to survive. A 56 year old woman was a victim of the bush fires, she was stuck inside her car, all she could remember was her body being numb and she was without her husband. Even in high-risk, dangerous circumstances Homer is able to normalise the situation by cracking a joke or two. The pair is very different and it is really intriguing to see their relationship change throughout the novel. This is another aspect of why Homer is quite an interesting character.

Tomorrow When the War Began Essay

Well, maybe not the solution, but the best plan. He put himself out as a irrespective, insensitive, uncaring boy but when serious problems come up in the novel Homer has to drop his act of pretending and show who he really is, a mature leader who is able to inspire and encourage others.

twtwb homer essay

Homer has a very forceful, even domineering, personality and while he despises weakness he also has a lot of trouble dealing with others who also have strong characters. The people in this plane were very lucky to survive and could essa easily lost their lives. I let myself be lead like a helpless child”.


Your email address will not be published. But Homer’s saying it had brought it within the realms of possibility, till suddenly it seemed like the only thing to do.

twtwb homer essay

In the beginning of the novel. Teamwork was a big asset to survival because without help it is hard to survive. The example from the novel relates to orphans in Ukraine. Im talking food, clothes, petrol, rifles, tools, everything.

A drop of liquid fell on me: We all began to slowly unfurl and turn towards Homer. The main theme of this novel is morality in war which is shown a lot throughout the book and in society and war goes on in many countries in the world and many people?? Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Ellie is now the leader of the group, generating ideas, Homer is now more supporting and encouraging her.

Homer Yannos – from “Tomorrow When the War Began” by John Marsden

He has many skills useful to fighting a war. Now there relationship is better than ever and they realize how much they need each other. The plan is so himer you have to wonder if he wanted to die. Supporting Extracts – Used with permission There is some good stuff in here, have a home. I stood there for a long time. Finding nutrient and other of import supplies for themselves was besides an obstruction to survival during war times.


Homer Yannos

But Homer always had trouble getting on with strong-minded people. Homer’s last good idea “The Other Side of Dawn” p In fact, his saying it made it seem so possible that it was almost as if it had happened already.

twtwb homer essay

And we began to realise that there might still be a life for us. Fi comes from a wealthy background and is posh and petite.

At the same time this toughness helps the others cope. We’d be better off to get Fi and the ferals and join up with Kevin and Ryan again. It must have been like picking up a dead fish.

He was panting, then he added: One of the many references to his Greek heritage in the novel homr on page All of the bombings and terrorist attacks have put the western countries at risk which forces us to save ourselves and fight back, much like from the novel, the soldiers forced the teenagers to fight back, even if this was not initially as part of their will, it changed to save themselves.

I shouted at him. I’d forgotten she hadn’t seen Homer in action at Corrie’s. Some days he’s so loving and beautiful and other days he treats me like I don’t exist.