You and your committee are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of everything in your manuscript. Use the spell-checker on your word-processing program, but manually proofread your text as well. Acknowledgments Page You must acknowledge grants and other funding assistance. Check each page before submitting your manuscript to the University Archives to ensure that there are no missing or misnumbered pages. Sample Copyright Page 7. The full name of each committee member. The Masters thesis Word template is available here.

FAQ and Privacy Statement. Electronic and Audiovisual Appendices 2. We will reply with additional feedback within 2 business days. In creating each page of your manuscript, avoid 1 hyphenating words at the end of a line, 2 putting the first line of a paragraph as the last line of type on a page, and 3 putting the last line of a paragraph as the first line of type on a page. The manuscript you submit should not have a Signature page.

Use word substitutes, not symbols or formulas, to ensure effective retrieval from on-line indexes. The University Archives staff will review your manuscript via the ETD system and will not accept it unless it has been appropriately prepared.

Black ink images reproduce the best. However, for manuscripts submitted on paper, the Library’s binding process limits thickness to 2.

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If you miss the deadline, the formal conferral of your degree will be delayed until at minimum the following quarter. Font Selection Use a clear, standard font that is highly legible and will reproduce clearly.


The full name of each committee member. Footnotes and Endnotes 2.

uci dissertation formatting

If you have used copyrighted material of your own or others, you must include a statement to inform djssertation reader that permission has been granted and state the source of the permission. Headings Establish and follow a consistent pattern for layout of all headings. You are responsible for submitting a manuscript that fits the format described in this manual and is free of spelling and format errors. Real-time, chat reference service is provided by reference staff from various academic libraries.

If your manuscript exceeds that thickness, divide it into two volumes of roughly equivalent thickness; make the split between two chapters.

uci dissertation formatting

Alternatively, you can locate binders by looking in the local yellow pages or online, e. FAQ and Privacy Statement. Jci Irvine librarians will follow up with additional information if needed.

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However, it is accurate as of September In creating each page of your manuscript, avoid 1 hyphenating words at the end of a line, 2 putting the first line of a paragraph as the last line of type on a page, and 3 putting the last line of a paragraph as the first line of type on a page.

Disssrtation aware that your particular school or discipline’s criteria for preparation and submission of manuscripts may vary from this manual. The sections are the introduction, each chapter, the bibliography, and each appendix.

The full name of each committee member. Number all figures and tables sequentially, either by chapter or throughout the entire manuscript.


UCI Theses and Dissertations Manual – 1. Basic Information for the Candidate

Templates and Sample Pages. For paper submissions, electronic or audiovisual data should be submitted as follows. You may choose one of two pagination styles for the text and reference sections of the manuscript. We maintain a Word template that conforms to all formatting requirements.

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You may request that your thesis or dissertation be critiqued before submitting in your final copy to the University Archives. The title page, copyright page, dedication page if usedlists of figures, tables, symbols, or illustrations, acknowledgments page, curriculum vitae Ph.

If the template you are using includes a Signature Page you do formwtting have a current accurate template. Title Page Author’s name as it appears on official University records. Graduate Division staff will verify that:.

Policies and procedures change over time. To maintain your full-time enrollment, you must pay either the quarterly Registration Fee and enroll in a minimum of 12 units or, in certain cases see section 1. You should select the style manual which is most commonly used in your field of study, and you should follow it consistently. Footnotes and Endnotes “Footnotes” appear at the bottom of a page.