Identify assembly and detailed drawing 8. And students will only be highly engaged in the learning process if they are motivated to do and be attentive in their learning activities. High rate of intellectually functional literate members of the community is basic to an improved and sustainable community. Analyze signs, symbols and data Scope and Delimitation of the Study …………. Motivation is needed at any level of education.

Also, the student-respondents to be considered were the grade 10 students enrolled for school year Differentiated teaching provides appropriate challenge for all students in a class. Significance of the Study The study is deemed significant to the following: As outlined by Fernie…the process begins with what Piaget termed sensorimotor play, a mechanism for exploration of the physical self and the environment. These are strategies the teacher employs to assist student learning. Carryout measurement and calculations This is the stage where games with rules become interest as children coordinate the perspective of players with their understanding of the framework that governs the rule structure of game.

Mathematics is a skill subject and this is where various teaching strategies need to be employed. These changes in behaviors may not last long. That is, a child learned by doing through practice and by experience.


Convert fraction to decimal and vice versa About University of Caloocan City. The ninth is Metacognitive strategies, Effective teachers use metacognitive strategies to help students develop awareness of their own learning, to self-regulate, and to drive and sustain their motivation to learn. Mushtaq and Nawaz Khan gave us the factors that affect the academic performance of the student, while Camarao introduced the technology education and the technical skills and then supported with caloocn objectives of TESDA Act and K 12 Program.


Though if a child chooses to pretend to be a member of the fire brigade and uses the model engine then this may well be an example of free flowing play.

The researchers will have to ask permission first on their department head to conduct a study on the BSE TLE students. Vity one of the views of Taylor,he pointed out that localization is the freedom of schools or local authorities to adapt the curriculum to local conditions and relating the content of the curriculum and process teaching and learning to local environment.

Effective teachers deploy it regularly for many purposes.

Request appropriate materials and tools 3. Classrooms need to teach a curriculum that students can relate to their own lives.

Identifying the precise form and function of that support however, is not easy. To contextualize this concept in daily life situation, learners will play Pinoy Games wherein they will assume distances and come up with strategies to win the game. The realization of these approaches is embodied on the context of localization and contextualization. univerxity

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The DepEd Order No. Check conditions of tools and equipment Read and interpret kitchen plans. Game Stage, as a role-play becomes more complex, children enter into the game stage of the development of the self.

university of caloocan city thesis

So, the key to a participative and collaborative learning and class discussion is proper motivation. He defines four categories of Play as: As students gradually master the required skills teachers adjust groupings and may cease interventions.

university of caloocan city thesis

To be used to determine the mean assessment of the respondents on the common Pinoy Games utilized in teaching Distance Formula among Grade 10 learners at Talipapa High School.


Upon the approval of the school administrator of Camarin High School, and the Schools Division Universihy, the questionnaires will be distributed to the selected respondents of the study through the teacher adviser of the student- respondents. The teacher-respondents in the dry-run of iniversity questionnaire will not be included as participants of the study.

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A number of additional structural conditions were identified as militating against the actualisation of positive experiences outdoors in everyday life both at home and in ECCE settings. Feedback redirects or refocuses the actions of teacher and student so the student can align effort and activity with a clear outcome that leads to achieving a learning goal.

As a teacher, instructor or learning facilitator in our classroom, we want our students to be highly engaged in learningyet many researches showed that forty per cent of high school students are reported being disengaged from learning, inattentive and bored with school. Likewise, respondents will also be interviewed for additional insights related to the study.

university of caloocan city thesis

The accomplished questionnaire will be retrieved, tabulated and tallied and the data gathered will be prepared for statistical treatment. The Act states its goals and objectives that it strengthens technical skills, to develop those skills and also the moral character, work ethics and nationalism. Analyze signs and symbols and data. He describes the different kinds of stages of play as: