Danville Community College prohibits sexual harassment including sexual violence. The SAT is a test which determines how ready a person is ready for college. Contact a college advisor who can tell you how much English you need to know for your major. If you score out of Algebra I, you will be given another 30 questions assessing your Algebra II skills. Once you reach your optimal math ability, the test will end, and the appropriate college-level math course will be determined.

It is against VCCS policy to take any notes or written essays out of the testing lab. If you are a student who will be requesting accommodations to take the Placement assessment, please contact the ADA Coordinator at To take the practice VPT, click on the link below to register and log in. Student materials to help you prepare for the GED test. A calculator will be supplied.

Essayy portion of the test will determine if you have the necessary math skills to enroll in calculus courses such as MTH or MTH The VPT-English consists of an essay and a 40 question multiple choice. If you are a student who will be requesting accommodations to take the Placement assessment, please contact the ADA Coordinator at Find a free SAT event near you and take an online practice test.

Upon completion of the initial 30 questions, one of the following will occur: Find a free ACT event near you and take an online practice test. Due to privacy laws, no test results are given by telephone.


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Four Year or Community College? Get all the right answers to your questions from the categories below Once you have moved on to the next question, you cannot go back and change your answers.

Please see below for sxore on successful essay writing. Computerized help tools such as spell check and auto correct will not be available when writing the essay. Walker Hall or Patrick County Site: You may NOT bring math notes, practice questions, formula sheets, or any other type of assistance. Any notes, pre-written essays, or written brainstorming ideas MUST be 1 Done in the lab, not brought into the lab and 2 be discarded before leaving the testing lab.

All required fields that have a red asterisk.

vpt essay score

Tests are given at all six campus Testing Centers. How to Prepare for the Test. Please enter email address Please enter zipcode. You may NOT use your own calculator, there will be one supplied on the test.

Home Testing Placement Tests. Tests are administered on a first-come-first-served walk-in basis.

vpt essay score

The test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and is untimed. Your scores on the VPT will determine which classes you will need to take. Please arrive on time as our session times are sccore.


vpt essay score

Only the body of the essay should be typed into the text box. For xcore Math, Writing, and Reading placement practice tests and tutorials, please see the links below.

Reading Comprehension and Practice Click Here.

Placement Testing

You may not use any additional help, for example, a dictionary, asking neighbors for assistance, any type of online help, notes brought in to the testing lab, or any other type of help. It simply ensures you are placed in the right course s for you. Find a counselor to help you with your transition. The essay must be a eszay essay. You must have a current admissions application on file to take the assessment.

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Learn more about ACT topics, questions and timing of the test. The VPT for Math consists of a series of sclre questions, but the degree of difficulty varies throughout the assessment. A well-written essay consists of more than one paragraph and typically includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.