We ask for information about any pharmacy-related experience because one of the conditions for CAP status is that you must have already achieved, or are willing to pursue, hours of pharmacy-related work or volunteer experience by the middle of second year of undergraduate studies at Waterloo. We are just looking at a few this week, co-incidentally. Did it inspire you to do something? All the best in your university applications grade 12s! I used to doodle and draw during classes throughout middle school and high school creating sketches of various items. For the reading interest question, choose something that you really enjoyed.

Write the math contests and do well. Your friends or relatives may claim that they received an offer in past years without the AIF, and this may be true, but that is no longer the case. Your responses can help your admission chances, especially if you’re near the lower end of the admission range for your program. This is coming from someone who did close to 0 extracurriculars, and literally did nothing in HS. I don’t think you mean exemplify I think you mean demonstrated. Does Waterloo ever check the information or have they considered doing this? You are trying to sell yourself.

Are you guys honestly posting your answers online so that the world can see it!? They are more like a bonus. Like we said in the last post, your chances are slimmer but not impossible.

Or we just have to be consistent with whatever? It also asks for reference information from a Senior mathematics teacher.



Razear wrote It’s funny you say that because UW is the best engineering school in the country, even better than U of T. Skip to iaf Skip to footer.

Starting your aiv career with some or all of this experience “in the bank” is a distinct advantage, so that you are aware of what the profession entails, and can provide assurances to the selection committee that you are committed to becoming a pharmacist. Initiative, time management, problem-solving, eagerness to learn. Just click the link to search.

Ewsay also ask about courses taken to augment the information on your transcript. Scholarships Information from the forms is used to make scholarship decisions for over scholarships across campus.

Admission Information Form (AIF) | Undergraduate Programs | University of Waterloo

The best approach here is to ignore advice on “college admission essay” websites and instead focus on telling your real and personal story about your connection to the profession, your ambitions, and your understanding of the profession. The best wategloo I can give is to be unique in your personal response questions. OK Now I understand. Answered Nov 22, Create a New Account. Now, if you don’t care about ranking, I can understand you answer. Can someone please check over some of my answers for Waterloo AIF???

waterloo aif essay

This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. I know from other reading that there are various concerns with these college admission essays.

Increased competition drove the averages up slightly, maybe 0.


Highlights and tips All Engineering students are in co-op, so you apply for jobs starting in your first year. Your AIF may assist you in that you have an opportunity to explain any anomalies in your transcripts – so your best bet is to be honest.

If you’re applying to Waterloo Engineering and haven’t seen this blog, you’re missing out. Be a good student. We recommend that you submit your responses within 3 weeks of receiving the email from us confirming your application to Waterloo. What is the University of Waterloo’s acceptance rate?

waterloo aif essay

This would be put as an extracurricular activity. Waterlop it necessary to submit the AIF of the University of Waterloo within 3 weeks of receiving their acknowledgement email? Talk about leadership positions you held in the past. Did you take certain courses at night school or summer school? Firstly, think of what your goal is as an engineer.

If you repeat a required course or take a course outside of your regular day school, you may esday your chances of being admitted to the Faculty of Mathematics. All Engineering students are in co-op, so you apply for jobs starting in your first year.