Customer power is high. Thus, the returns of investment for shareholders are significant. In doing so, they will have liquidated machinery, land, and a large amount of expenses that each supplier entails. Innovation in the industry regarding the growing of the fruit is more or less minimal with the exception of purchasing new field equipment. Zespri already had an integrated supply chain to lower the cost, and the premium consumer brand had become a stable brand in the current market. In addition, Zespri focused on various attracting ads channels like transportable ads and tasting promotions which differentiated it from other competitors.

How about make it original? Zespri would keep the previous promotion activities. In order to enter the market, the government of New Zealand had a few policies that must be abided by in relations to exporting the fruit. The second step is to collect and analyze the data by doing the marketing research based on these four aspects. The social impact of supplying Kiwi fruit is huge at this point as it affects the lives of the growers and customers who are demanding more of it. Firstly, Zespri and its competitors must market themselves with a differentiation strategy.

Premium pricing method and Localization pricing method. By valuing and investing greatly in these support activities Zespri will continue to grow.

Weather obviously plays a crucial role in production but the main factor xtudy question is the sustainability of the production land. However, they also need to prepare well in case that they must go back for the backup plan and furthermore, one of the hardest issue for them is to ensure harvar they can get the same high quality products in China as well as in New Zealand.

According to the possibility of substitute by other fruits, the rate is really high. Zespri must market all their suppliers in order to be sure consumers are aware of their product and where it comes from. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you casw lot!


How to cite this page Choose cite format: Also given the increasingly intense competition in kiwi market, with the good relationship with its suppliers, Zespri could receive other kinds of fruit from its exporters with some priorities if it is needed for Zespri to extend its business fase in the future. As for the price, Zespri plans to control the cost of produce and keep the price in the same level like before, because price is one of the factors affecting the market to accept products.

zespri case study harvard

ANZ Case study 3: According to those data, we can conclude that they cannot compete with New Zealand cause other countries do not have the management and financial support from the government as comprehensive as Zespri has. There are stipulations in place for different countries which restrict were kiwi fruit is imported from. For example, Zespri could do some efforts haravrd establish good public relations that can enhance their brand image and finally increase the customer base indirectly.

Conducting extensive research in these areas will allow Zespri to gain a better understanding of how to optimally run their company while achieve the sespri possible profit margins at an efficient rate. As mentioned in the case, those varities may include sweeter greens, more yellow-fleshed or different colored varieties, and smooth-skinned fruit. However, it takes some time to see the improved stidy, thus, asset turn over went down.

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In addition, we can find from the debt to equity ratio, Zespri had enough equity to repay due to the higher equity. Facing growing international competition, Zespri invested in consumer branding and innovation, which has led to new types of kiwifruit that taste better and are protected with patents. The supply power is relatively high.

Secondly, Zespri has the experience to produce high quality and high yield fruits and they got the patent protect. Futhermore, Zespri may need to corporate with a local company hwrvard the country which could provide better networking, distribution channels, etc and also reduce the potential risks of doing business overseas.


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They can do the controlling and measuring depending on the timeline and sequence of actions as the Gantt Chart in Appendix shows. They must check whether all things are done as scheduled and if any changes need to be made.

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Kiwi fruit supply in general is highly regulated and a largely exported commodity. It also means that Zespri can pay its salaries, bills and expenses on time. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site.

zespri case study harvard

It is unrealistic for new entrants to achieve to that level and scale. In order to implement our initial plan in the short-term, Zespri has to simply continue to maintain their business operations as they normally have in previous months.

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There is a high cost for Zespri to develop a new marketing mix It exist potential risk for Zespri to use a new marketing mix because of uncertainty The target may not be reached in a short time. As referenced earlier, the unique product offerings, the premium product offering, and the niche market they are in can be highly exploitable with this competitive if done properly.

Thus, Zespri still have space to improve the product quality and variety. Is this the right strategy for harvadr future? Since there are only 4 main countries that are highly competitive it would be very difficult to enter this industry and strive due to these established names, therefore threat of new entrants is low. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.