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Hindustan Times News Mobile App – Review
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Hindustan Times News Mobile App – Review
Everyday life seems to be becoming converged to one point - Mobile Phones! Email, web browsing document viewing, and more have become so commonplace that it's hard to count them as a top feature anymore. With the ever-growing possibilities of what you can do with your mobile and tablet, we bring you a useful app that can add worth to your smartphone. The Hindustan Times Mobile Application (titled mPaper) is a light application which can be downloaded onto your phone's mobile and delivers the latest news to you while you are on the move! I've been using the application for a few months now and it has recently been upgraded which further refines its usability and performance. The application is customizable as per your preferences and you can choose from a range of sections which in turn are customizable into categories you would like to display on your app's home page. The sections that are available are - news entertainment, entertainment & lifestyle as well as columns & blogs, as well as education. I pick the most used section to review here: The News Section. The app separates news items into tabs that cover headlines as well as national news, global news including sport, city-specific (Delhi & Mumbai) and business. You can select the ones you'd like to receive updated content for. Asian Model Cam Asian Model Cams Asian Model Cams Asian Model Cams Asian Cam Girls ford delovi The news story updates are quite frequent, making the information extremely fresh. You have the option of clicking on a news story that you want to learn more about, which will display the full story. It also includes an alert ticker that scrolls at its top that shows the most relevant and up-to-date headlines in the news. Furthermore, you can allow your app to run in the background and you are able to scroll the ticker on your phone's home screen showing the most recent news. While the app has received an upgrade and is more efficient than its predecessor, it has some bugs that need attention to be resolved. To start , though the news is reasonably fresh but it's not comparable to the real-time breaking news stories that may be available on mobile enabled sites of leading news agencies. The news ticker is one of them. It needs to be updated much more frequently for it to make any sense to your home screen. In addition, the application if installed in the background for auto update of the news feeds, uses up a large portion of battery backup, and drains it at a significantly faster speed. In order for the app to be relevant for auto-retrieval and an option to display your home screen the app must improve its performance and become less heavy on battery consumption. Additionally, a bit more attractive design would be beneficial to an otherwise great and unique product. I would rate the app at 2.5/5 in its current form. It's a product worth trying. The Write A-Programme is a technology blog that includes stories, views, news and views on mobiles, gadgets, computers and latest technology trends/news.

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