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The COVID-19 Masking Mosaic!
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The COVID-19 Masking Mosaic!
The inhabitants who live on Planet Earth have been wearing masks for over two years now , or they have been forced to wear in light of the COVID-19 virus that appears to be extremely reluctant to help usher in the long-awaited unveiling of Homo sapiens. There has been various degrees of protests or complaints or the deemed-hazards of wearing masks constantly. In a way the citizens are showing signs of an acute mask-fatigue which is actually very unfair to even hint at in view of the pandemic-fatigue experienced by the tirelessly working medical fraternity-particularly during the peak periods like the disastrous Second Wave in India. However, the angle of the population cannot be wished away, because this is very real, with in some instances the mask-fatigue has led to massive protests and uprisings either in the US or in certain European nations like Germany. Therefore, it becomes our noble duty to analyze the various factors, while obviously maintaining our masks of sincerity in place. We're all familiar with people cloaking themselves in some unusual ways (some loosening it a bit lower to ensure that the nose is open as if they've just realized the significance of the organ in as regards inhaling oxygen or exhaling nitrogen is concerned; others are more daring, with it as necklaces that are hung under their chins. Some are the more bolder keeping it in pocket or bags and wearing it when the law-enforcement authorities appear; similarly to this class, some others do the same when entering shopping centers or other places where a 'no mask, no entry display is prominently displayed and the moment they enter they quickly say to the seller that they're wearing masks, and they are fine (in fact the mostly mask-wearing shopkeepers or sellers should not just smile understandingly to them. They be able to command, 'If you've got it, why not wear? '). Visit:- Heavy R The elderly haven't been complaining as much as they are aware that they are the most susceptible group of people to contract the disease. However, vaccination in the proper doses makes people a bit more confident in complaining but not necessarily abandoning the masks. They often refer to some doctors (we're not aware if they were real or fictitious) telling them to not wear the masks during the morning or evening walk as they could affect the breathing process. But many elders including myself have not experienced any discomfort while walking with the masks on. Some do not wear it , but some demonstrate the other styles of wearing like keeping the nose out or wearing it as necklaces. The young male community happens to be the ultimate example in displaying this mask-wearing habit with total disregard, particularly after being vaccine-free. The basic desire to impress their more attractive counterparts is an important factor due to the fact that with their faces concealed, they are unable to be able to afford to show their gorgeous features along with other 'impressive' activities or behaviours. Their 'brave' and 'chivalrous display can be seen all over the city, in the markets, in parks or playing grounds and while riding the 'brave-heart racing bikes, and not just putting lives at risk of being harmed but also transmitting the virus. We call them the future of a country but they fail to understand their duty towards every family member or other community outside or inside. The young female community displayed a huge interest at the beginning of the pandemic age, in wearing the masks with many of them eagerly looking for masks that matched their outfits perfect or actively participating in the biggest pandemic industry mask-making. As in other instances, their enthusiasm were gradually replaced by the onset of mask-fatigue and similar tendencies to show beautiful facial features with the use of all cosmetics, like lipstick which got tremendously impacted by the sticking pandemic. Thus, they've completely stopped wearing the masks, and not adhering to the distinct styles of wearing because they all impact their beauty in various degrees and hinder them from making the desired impressions all around. There is a very crucial cause of fatigue in masks that is affecting all the communities listed that is the long season due to global warming that leads to accumulation of sweat inside the masks, making it extremely uncomfortable to wear it continuously. It is a good idea to carry multiple masks with you, remove it when unbearable, wipe you face with a sanitized handkerchief and then wear the other mask and we will rebut. There are huge quantities of masks that are affordable in the market. Besides, the sweat-factor also comes in while traveling/going out in a hurry and clogging the metro or trains trains, flights or the buses or markets. For instance, during the Durga Puja celebration, 'eat-only devotees' were swarming the fronts of the houseful restaurants in Kolkata, the Indian City of Kolkata specifically, waiting for hours at the end of the night and, most importantly, not caring for the masks due to the continuous sweating or the fact that they'd have to take it off anyway once getting inside for a meal. There is an agreement about this, that one should not consume food with masks. The authorities or governments have been in the habit of making wearing masks compulsory all the time with some having to impose sanctions for violators. Authorities also look out for patterns of behavior in masks and advise that you don't wear the masks above the nose or in a necklace'. However, many of the people who live on Planet Earth feel that 'enough is enough' and insist that the 'unmasking process' must be carried out via hook or crook. For instance, in India due to the Diwali festival looming ahead this mask-fatigue may be a negative thing and cause another resurgence of the pandemic reversing the desired "unmasking" process entirely, God forbid. States of India are always prohibited from burning fireworks during the Diwali celebrations, but permit 'green crackers' the ambiguity of a definition that causes the usual polluted air and huge crowds of 'firepower that can be seen this year. The last thing we need to do is make an assurance that no generalizations are intended in this piece. Indeed, a large chunk of the population still adheres to the rules of wearing a mask very seriously, including people in all the communities mentioned here. There is only one concern that is of the growing numbers of'unmasked Covidiots' across the globe who put people who adhere to the norms at risk. To assume a serious tone to the final word it has been proven medically that vaccination jabs don't provide complete protection against infection and can only help reduce the serious type of the disease and the need for hospitalization, but people with multiple other diseases and a low level of immunity are still at danger, and young people endanger their lives because they carry the virus and transmitting it to others. Chinmay Chakravarty is a professional specialized in the creative field with more than two decades of experience in journalistic writing, media coordination, film script writing, dubbing of films, film and video production, the management of international film festivals and editing journals and books. Expert in the provision of professional services in these related fields. was an officer in the Indian Information Service and superannuated from the position of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo book "Laugh and Let Laugh' in 2017. His second book "The Cheerless Chauffeur and other Tales 2021.

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