My family presented this Christian faith in a comprehensible light to me as a child. And, remember, enroll by May 1. I’ve begun writing notes to myself. I want them to know the love of Christ through my actions. It has been a struggle trying to give my life up to God and to let him lead and guide me. Not able to make it to campus during the week?

Learn About Alumni Success. I developed a feeling of anger and frustration toward God, as I felt unjustly punished for a life of devotion and submission to Him. Learn About Early Action. For years it was just skin deep. Although I endured many physical trials in my life, they have brought me to the place where I am today.

Take hold of your calling and get on the path to discovering the greatest version of you.

Immersed in the tranquil beauty of the grounds. This is the application essay I wrote: I still have much to learn and I do not know where this will take me, but my life is completely open to Him working through me.

Graduate Admissions

As I continued to grow in age, growth and wisdom ensued. I had prayed asking Jesus into my heart sometime around when I was in the second grade. I was living life with the same absurdity as standing out in the middle of the freeway during rush hour.

My career choice, my entertainment, my music, my relationships—nothing was left unquestioned.

biola application essay prompt

Join us for Enrollment Day! Stop by our brand-new Welcome Center in Metzger Hall when you arrive and then get ready to be impressed. Official degree statements or transcripts may be accepted given English is stated as the medium of instruction.


Undergraduate Admissions Forms

Official written communication from the institution Registrar, Controller of Examinations Office, or Undergraduate College Official degree statements or transcripts may be accepted given English is stated as the medium of instruction Official catalog verification For universities from non-Anglophone countries, further language assessment may be required.

We Hire Biola During their time here, Biola students are equipped with the tools and skills appllcation need to excel outside of the classroom. My focus was no longer on the simple pleasures of life—I had a larger goal ahead of me. Engaged with this vibrant community of bright believers.

As a child, I was raised in a loving, Christian home, in which my best efforts in all aspects of life were greatly encouraged. Or they might have just thought I was a hypocritical fool.

Undergraduate – Admissions – Biola University

Find and contact your counselor today. In light of this fact, please describe: Our culture and our media mock the very idea of God. Every time I sit down to write a lesson, I learn something new about myself and about God. The experience of being on campus, immersed in the energy, warmth and love you’ll find here, can change you almost as much as our applicationn academics.

It was here that my heart grew more receptive to the fact that I was not alone in my sufferings, but many others were enduring hardships worse than my own. Check out the Becoming Biola Blogs. I want to be the beacon of light in the lives of people inundated by a world that rejects God.


I would say to anyone who asked that I believed in Jesus.

The Sticky Note Collective: Biola Essay

Explore a full range of tour options by clicking the link below — and then visit. I also learned that sometimes God allows things, such as my illness, to happen to prove His healing power. Many students discover Biola and just know biols away —this is where they belong. And, remember, enroll by May 1.

biola application essay prompt

The culture around us promotes dependency on ourselves alone. Ways to provide proof of English proficiency include one of the following:. Check out Saturday Tour for a campus tour, admissions presentation and lunch with current students.

biola application essay prompt

Hear the real stories and experiences of students and get a snapshot of undergraduate life at Biola. I want them to fear God, worship God, and—above all—to love God. Biola University offers many rich opportunities for me to continue to grow in my walk with the Lord, while attaining a prestigious educational career in Psychology.